3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts South Africa

Each year, a material represents the anniversary of the marital union. As time goes by, it becomes more and more solid to symbolize the strength within the couple. After the cotton anniversary for the 2nd year of marriage, comes leather which allows us to celebrate this third marital year with pride. A very resistant and flexible material at the same time, which evokes the small adjustments necessary for the smooth running of the daily household!

Leather does not deteriorate; it skates, is marked by its experience, and will your union. But like a beautiful leather jacket or a vintage leather handbag, it is maintained to make your partner’s eyes shine over the years!


Traditional Leather Gifts

Modern Gifts

What gift to offer for a 3rd wedding anniversary?

To celebrate your 3 years of marriage, let yourself be guided by the material. Opt for a beautiful vintage piece from our seletion of leather products above or give your spouse a nice handbag, a wallet or a leather passport cover for your future trips. Full grain, cowhide, snake, calfskin, varnished or even suede leather, here is a beautiful material that leaves room for many ideas. 

Do you have real estate projects or are you planning to change the decor of your living room? This is the perfect opportunity to find a leather armchair or sofa that will last for years for your home and give your interior a facelift.