Chocolate Gift Delivery South Africa

It doesn’t matter what you’re into this season, our sumptuous chocolates will allow you to do it in taste – delivered as gifts by way of our courier. Stuffed with hard to resist chocolate delights and with an unquestionably modern style, our chocolate gifts are always a winner for friends, families and work colleagues. Always great for sharing with someone special and with something for everybody, it’s a present that may even last probably.

Chocolate as a great gift

Who does not like chocolate? It drives us crazy: at all times we are thinking about the delicious taste of cocoa. That’s why we have a section specifically created to group all the personalized chocolate gifts.

And we are true specialists in personalized chocolate bars. We love what we do and that shows.

Custom chocolate tablet formats

First of all, we will tell you that all our chocolate bars can be bought in three different formats:

  • Milk chocolate : the most consumed in the whole world. As its name indicates, it is a mixture between cocoa (not more than 50%) and milk. Sweet, delicious and pleasant for any palate.
  • White chocolate : although it is not exactly chocolate, since cocoa paste is not used to make it, we love it. It is an energetic, sweet product that never fails.
  • Dark chocolate : it is the one that most respects the thousand-year-old recipe. Cocoa butter and sugar, without any other additives (except aromas). It has aphrodisiac properties.

Second, we can boast of having a variety of chocolate bars. We have three basic versions (one yellow, one orange and one red) in which you can customize the tablet as you want : with a photo, with a text or with what you ask us.

Ideas for chocolate gifts

But the thing goes much further. Of course, we have chocolate family tablets , which are personalized with dolls: choose the members of your family, put their names and give the most special chocolate tablet in the world. They do not make them so cool at Willy Wonka’s factory.

We also have chocolate collage trays, in which you can put eight photos and remember in the sweetest way those special moments. Always like it

We love chocolate bars for couples . Do you know how they are? In short, they consist of two chocolate bars: in one you put a name, in another and the chocolate will keep you together forever.

To finish the play, we have chocolate birthday trays. Put the date, the name of the person and you will have a cheap and very surprising gift. Perfect as a complement or for those people with whom you do not have much confidence.

Oh! And we also have chocolate trays keep calm , because we’ve all ever thought that phrase. Keep calm and dance all night, keep calm and eat me, keep calm and let’s party … You set the limits!