Personalised Gifts South Africa

When considering presents, people often say the cliche: “It’s the thought that counts” well, personalised gifts are exactly about the thought! Therefore if you’re looking for a fantastic gift, birthday cards, our range of personalised presents will allow you to give something extra special for that special occasion!

Personalised Gifts
Personalised Gifts

Unforgettable Personalised Presents South Africa 2024 !

Picture their expression as soon as they un-wrap their present to see their own name personalised on the front of a stylish vintage fleece gown, on a wooden crate containing Moet Champagne, or their own photo on a personalised mug. Each and every personalised gift is purposely designed to include the receivers names, events, dates and even your own special message! All gifts are created and constructed just for you so you can guaranteed that it’s one-of-a-kind.

Personalised Gifts For Everyone and all occasions!

Regardless of who your searching for, you’re sure to discover a amazing gift within our personalised gift selection. The range consists of personalised gifts for him, personalised house warming presents, personalised presents for her, personalised anniversary gifts and also personalised wedding gifts and bridesmaid gifts and groom gifts.

Spoil them and make their day with a gift they don’t have. All of our presents are packed artistically. They’re expertly put together and enclosed with love, all set so that you can give onto your loved ones. Each and every present consists of our trademark WOW factor. Just put your order online and we’ll deliver your presents throughout South Africa.

More Info On Peronalised Gifts

Personalised Reserved For Him Scatter Cushion​A personalized gift for a birthday

Do you know what is in the benefit of offering a personalised gift for a birthday in South Africa? Unlike traditional gifts, you do not risk being jealous by offering it to your wife or your man for his birthday because the surprise in question will not be in your name … It is exclusively made for the person to whom you wish to give it, you will never be able to keep it for yourself!

The personalized gift can, of course, be offered for one of the following events other than a birthday. For example, on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more. Enjoy our customizable gifts that make everyone happy for all occasions. Comfortable but also envious!

Looking for personalised gifts for a baby in South Africa?

Hamperlicious has offered you the best gift ideas for several years, whether personalized gifts, original gifts, or trendy gifts. For a baby or to celebrate a birth, there are customizable cushion covers, posters with different designs to record the date of birth or the baby’s name or first name. All the gifts allow you to edit the text with your special message. The young dad or the young mother will be delighted with this beautiful surprise!

Imagine being able to customize different gifts with your photos …

It’s possible on Hamperlicous! Yes, on our online gift shop in South Africa, we decided to offer you a whole range of products to personify with your photos of holidays, couples, or family. Would you like a personalized gift with a picture of your man? No worries, you have the choice with a cushion cover with photo and glitter, a mug with customizable images, a poster on wood with photos, a paper poster with 4 of your photos, a doormat to personalize with your photo, a board to cut and other products! You have the choice! We do not yet offer clothes or jewelry, but that can not be too late. Not to mention the photo gifts, which have recently appeared in the shop.

Looking for personalised birthday gifts for a woman?

Whether it’s a birthday gift 40-year-old, a 50-year-old woman, your mother-in-law, your girlfriend, your daughter, your grandma, your mom, your best friend, your sister, or a young mother, you find on this page the present that will please him! A personalized mug, a personalized poster, a personalized doormat, a personalised cutting board, a personalised cushion, or personalised books. But also a personalized clock, a mug of personalized beer, a personalised chocolate, a personalised apron

You would like to find a unique gift to offer at a wedding.

Satisfying a young couple who has just been married is not an easy thing. If you are looking for something that makes them happy, you are at the right place without being too traditional. On this page, we only offer customizable gifts with text or photos. For honeymooners, you could target a romantic personalized gift for those lovebirds who still live with love and freshwater.

For example, our personalized poster with the date of their wedding or meeting or a doormat with their common name to celebrate the conjugal roof. This is a stunning gift!

These products are very suitable for lovers for their wedding gifts and even for those celebrating their wedding anniversaries. Without further ado, discover here the customizable gifts to offer, especially for wedding anniversaries.

What a personalized gift to a man in South Africa

After the success of our first exclusive items, we have developed new unique personalised gifts to offer to a man. Our range has expanded and now has nearly 100 objects for decoration or everyday life. From now on, we can say it: we are specialists in the personalised gift.

Do you not believe us? Turn your gaze towards our selection! Whether for your darling, your brother, your husband, your godfather, your dad, a man of 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60, or a geek (let’s call it that), you will undoubtedly find on this page the personalized and masculine personalised gift that will please him.

The surprise that will make all the difference!

To mark the occasion, we recommend a personalized gift from our selection of customizable gifts. Indeed, the present will do a slight effect on the person who receives it. All you have to do is add your little grain of salt and your personal touch to prepare and concoct a personalized gift unique in its kind, which stands out from the others.

Let all your creativity and originality speak to design a personal gift that will stand out from the others. Hamperlicous gifts will be perfect for conveying a message, funny and severe, and they are not found in the stores.

Celebrate a special occasion, a romantic occasion, for example! You will have absolute pleasure in personalizing something for your lover. Besides, think also to consult our selection of romantic gifts in South Africa.

This is an excellent Valentine’s day gift; they are incredibly trendy for lovers’ day. For women who love decoration, our customizable posters will be perfect Valentine’s day gift ideas woman. And if you are looking for a valentine’s man gift, go to this page to find out more.

An upward trend

In recent years, more and more of us have been searching online for gifts that stand out from the rest and are adapted to the person we are offering. Whether for friends, grandparents, parents, siblings, or even … our physio! Yes, it is not always easy to find a surprise for a person who is only in contact with his profession or our work.

Looking for a personalized gift for a client, a doctor, your nanny, speech therapist, or veterinarian to thank them for their work? To personalize a cup, a notebook, or a cushion with their name or a photo of your child, this is a sure pleaser!

You will quickly understand that with Hamperlicious, everything is personalized! However, if you prefer a more classic gift idea, which is not a personalized gift, all our gift ideas are available in the gift ideas section.

Why do customizable gifts still please as much?

Despite all our expertise in the gift business, we have never met anyone who does not appreciate customizable gifts. Yes, everyone likes that! We do not see why there would be exceptions …. What we prefer above all, of course, is the moment when we are offered such a surprise.

Yes, we are talking about this magical moment when we unpack it when we realize that it is a personalized gift representative of our person or a personalized cup with our favorite nickname. For some time now, it’s fashionable. And this mode does not seem ready to stop. But why do they still like it? With our selection of personalized gifts in South Africa, there are little things, in addition, small details that touch us, small touches, texts especially thought and written for the person.

There has been some work behind matching the gift to the person offered, and it is touching. We leave then totally the impersonal gift. Anyway, to our knowledge, four criteria make personalized gifts so popular.

– A personalized gift is, above all, an exclusive and irreplaceable gift. You can be sure; no one else has the same.

– They always note good attention. There is some research work behind the choice and design of personalized gifts. Finding that one of our loved ones took time to personalize our gift flatters us.

–  Very often, a personalised gift is offered by a close person who knows our tastes better than anyone. Customization can be done with a favorite quote, words that make sense, dates of events, first names …

– And then, let’s face it, they are and always remain excellent helpers for the memory. A date or a particular moment you want to remember? No problem, note it on custom gifts.

Write a particular date, a text, a photo, a name, a nickname …

On these objects, the combinations are multiple. Whether it’s choosing the product design, a word, or a phrase to print on the customizable gift, the possibilities are vast. You can even sometimes select the color of personalized gifts. To put it simply, it is simply impossible for your friend to find a similar duplicate of the gift he has received!

Except perhaps if you offered the same surprise to his twin brother … Or if you consistently provide the same thing, from year to year! Your loved one will say, “she gave me a lot of trouble! “. It’s a beautiful dedication.

A customizable gift for a loved one

These ideas are particularly well-suited for those close to you, the people we care about. But for your best friend or a couple of friends, or even for a particularly appreciated colleague, much better than a gift card, this is the ideal gift!

The people dear to our eyes always occupy a privileged place in our hearts. That’s why it’s appropriate for the critical moments of our life. Of course, nothing prevents you from offering a personalized gift to other people, even if they are less close and accomplices.

After all, as the saying goes, “far from the eyes, far from the heart, near the eyes, near the heart.” Suppose you want to offer this type of product to your local baker who regales you every lunchtime, and do not hesitate to give it one of our personalized mugs! He will appreciate your gesture and will be able to return it to you. Maybe with extra chocolate éclairs!

The very concrete example of the cup or the personalized mag?

It is undoubtedly the easiest gift to personalize. And in addition, it is an absolute must-have. If you are not known to be the most extraordinary creation of this world, it does not matter. You should still getaway! Indeed, there are different basic models, some of which are very quickly adaptable. Customizing a cup takes very little time. You can benefit, for example, from 10 to 15 characters to address a simple sweet word or personalize the cup with names, first names, and nicknames. Then all that remains is to define the design and colors to finalize the product. Once in the office, the person will show off with this custom mug just for her! And who knows, maybe you’ll get caught up in the game, and you’ll finally run out of creativity. If this is the case, there is no need to worry.

Personalized gift: how to customize it?

The principle is quite simple. First of all, you must choose gifts to personalize on this page, that is to say, customizable gifts that are ready to be configured. Then you have to fill in the required fields according to your desires.

Uh no, instead, according to the trends of the moment or according to a significant event (for example, an event is linking you to the person who will receive the gift). But you can also customize the gifts according to the people’s desires for whom they are intended. And do not forget, it’s you who gives.

This means that you are the only person to choose what you will customize! Why not take the opportunity to carry a little friend of yours? Hidden nicknames, particularly epic anecdotes or a little word related to a funny event, individualize your message thanks to the different options offered. You can, of course, preview the rendering to adapt or not the customization. We then take care of the rest to create, as soon as possible, an incomparable personalized gift, according to your expectations.


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