7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts South Africa

Congrats! You or a loved one have enjoyed 7 years of matrimony. With the decade of being married approaching, you need to enjoy every year with sincere gifts. Fortunately, you’re in the perfect place: we’ve made a category of all of the best seven-year wedding anniversary gifts. From exclusive finds to gifts which follow the regular wedding anniversary concept, your beloved will love getting any of these presents. 

What’s a 7-Year Wedding anniversary Gift?

Traditional: Copper and Wool

Customarily, the 7th anniversary gift is presented by wool and copper. Copper is viewed as a resilient metal that, based on Greek myth, draws in love and shields against evil. Wool, however, represents comfort and warmth. With each other, these components signify your solid and caring marriage after 7 years. 

Modern: Stationery and Desk Sets

Stationery and desk sets have grown to be a modern variation of 7th anniversary  anniversary gifts. They signify the pride and love partners have for each other’s work.