Dom Perignon in a Wooden Gift Box


Whenever there’s a special event of any sort, Dom Perignon has to grace the celebration with it’s presence. Whether it’s a graduation, birthday, house warming or anniversary, this bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne gift set will definitely generate a statement. Have this Dom Perignon gift box delivered today!



The Dom Perignon House is considered to be the oldest and most prestigious champagne brand. Created by Dom Pierre Pérignon, this Benedictine monk animated by the quest for excellence is considered to be the spiritual father of champagne. Since the dawn of time, the legend attributes to him the discovery of the method of vinification of sparkling wines, so-called Champagne method as well as the invention of the flute. Myth or reality, Dom Perignon champagne has established itself as one of the best champagne in the world. We find the unique know-how of this great house through the different exceptional cuvées that make up this legendary brand with unparalleled reputation.


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