Anniversary Gifts South Africa

blue hand drawn heartpink hand drawn heartRegardless if you’re hitting your very first anniversary or perhaps your 60th, we all know that it’s a event to celebrate with everyone near and close to you! Our range of anniversary gifts are sure to please any loving partner!

Marriage represents the achievement of the most important step a couple can aspire to; crowning one’s love with this sacred union involves one of the most important commitments to which the human being will attach himself during his path and which he will have to respect for the rest of his life.

Anniversary Gift Ideas
Anniversary Gift Ideas
Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary gifts by year

Regardless if you’re searching for a classic anniversary gift or anything a bit more uncommon, we have a range of anniversary gifts by year. Here, you can easily select the appropiate year by clicking on the buttons below. This allows you to discover the best presents for each year. We have gift ideas for any years of marriage! Find gifts from their 1st year of marriage right to their 60th anniversary!

More Anniversary Presents

Need some more anniversary gift ideas? Have a look at our unusual personalised anniversary gifts – from personalised champagne to engraved glassware, send them something unforgettable on the wonderful occasion!

Anniversary Experience Gifts

You may be looking for a gift for your wife, husband, parents, or for just about any other beloved pair in your life. if uniqueness is what you are after, then an anniversary experience gift is one method to grant ’em a good level of smiles and tales for many years to come! So amaze your better half and arrange a special day to celebrate, or a gift that makes the perfect pair’s day! From relaxing and adventurous, with these anniversary ideas you can deliver a day they’ll always remember.

Top Anniversary Gifts In South Africa

To Be Married...

Why Anniversary Gifts Are So Important

The big day represents a moment that unleashes the sensations experienced in an extremely personal way by each of us; there are some who will never feel ready for this type of commitment, others instead of despite their diffidence and hesitancy in marriage decide to put aside and overcome their fears. And finally there is that category of people who dream of this moment for a lifetime, almost as if it represented the grand finale of their fairy tale.

Women usually belong to this last category, who from an early age admire the windows of bridal shops imagining themselves in the perfect dress with a long elegant and luxurious train, to design the perfect hairstyle that is able to stand out better your strengths, and to do countless tests to find the perfect makeup … in short, impulses and emotions comprehensible at 360 degrees only if experienced in first person!

Marriage is a lifestyle choice

But marriage represents much more than a simple choice of dress: although it is almost always designated from the outside as a moment of pure happiness and light-heartedness, it actually hides behind itself long and stressful preparations, great and important responsibilities and the need to pay the right care and attention to every detail.It is for this reason that it usually takes about a year to organize weddings, although many manage to complete the planning on the big day in much less time.

Among the many important details that each couple must take care of, there is one in particular that for the bulk of the wedding guests has no value, while for bride and groom it actually contains a fairly profound and personal meaning, let’s talk about the choice of date: the the chosen day, month and year will be numbers engraved forever in the hearts of the two lovers, indelible figures that will always bring to mind the memory and flavor of that fantastic day.

Why celebrate?

The importance of the date is also symbolic, since whenever the day and month are reached during each year, we will talk about the anniversary

The anniversary is an event that is celebrated to celebrate numerous circumstances, but when we talk in particular about the anniversary we are referring to something much bigger: when a couple manages to live in harmony and find the right balance, to appreciate and love each other for all three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, then this will be able to overcome any type of obstacle that life has in store for it.

History of wedding anniversaries

Many will wonder what the story behind this type of holiday is, and in fact its origins are quite old; with precision, the history of the wedding anniversaries begins at the time of the Holy Roman Empire, where however the celebrations took place exclusively on the day of the twenty-fifth anniversary. But over the centuries this tradition has also been transformed into a business opportunity, and in fact the spouses now celebrate every single year.

Gifts Guide

When these types of anniversaries arrive, you know, everyone always tries to find perfect anniversary gifts and the suitable words to make their own wishes, which is why we often end up in total confusion by asking ourselves continuous questions: “what will bea suitable gift? “,” What are the anniversary sentences to use?”, “What kind of attitude do you have to implement?” … so how do you behave !?


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