Personalised Chopping Boards South Africa

Did you know? For several years, Hamperlicious has offered you the possibility of personalising your cutting board, in an original way. Our wooden and glass cutting boards are very pleasant gifts to receive, which will please all cooks and amateur chefs.

Select a personalised cutting board (or the customizable cutting boards if you have several cords-bleus to spoil in the family) of your choice according to the design and patterns. Think about your message and we will take care of the rest, namely the making of a personalized cutting board that’s 100% tailor-made.

The Perfect Kitchen Gift

Personalised cutting boards: the most original selection on the web

Personalised Family Blooms Chopping BoardDo you find classic cutting boards too boring? Are you looking for an original wooden cutting board to put in the kitchen? You’re at the right place! Here, we only offer customizable cutting boards. Our models are unique and truly original, with very varied patterns, which change from the ordinary. Choose a personalized cutting board you like, click on the “Personalise” button and start the configuration! All that only remains is to place an order to receive it 😉

Wooden cutting boards to personalize for stoves

As mentioned above, we think that the wooden cutting board is an original gift, if and only if, you personalise it with a touch of creativity or with a little love! But that’s not all … The personalized wooden cutting board meets all the criteria of a good gift: a nice design, the personal side and the practical aspect. What do you want more? With these positive points, the customizable cutting board is necessarily the ideal gift for kitchen fairies, outstanding cooks and future Top Chefs!

Personalised Chopping boards: the most practical of personalized gifts!

You know the existence of customizable mugs, right? In terms of customizable gifts, we found even better: the personalized cutting board. It is an even more practical and original gift than the personalized mug! Mugs, everyone offers them… The cupboards are full of them and the need for a new model is not necessarily necessary. For the custom cutting board, the situation is different. The personalized cutting board is less frequently offered, hence its originality. It is also more necessary and more useful, hence its practicality! Generally, young couples who settle down do not yet have a wooden cutting board to slice the sausage for an aperitif or to cut the chicken … And for people who already have one, it is not really a problem. First, our models are much cooler than theirs. Secondly, it is better to have 2 rather than 0! And yes, how do you do it when you need your wooden cutting board and your one and only model is in the dishwasher? You understood, the personalized cutting board is a practical and original personalized gift, for cooks but not only … No need to be a cordon bleu to take care of cutting the sauc ‘as an aperitif;)

The personalized cutting board is a decorative object

We ask you not to cut on the printed side of the customizable cutting board. In this way, the patterns are preserved longer and the wooden board can be used as a decorative object! Because yes, our cutting boards are not only practical utensils. They are also real works of art, designed to be visible in the kitchen. Preserve them and show them off, for example by attaching them to a hook on your work surface!

Personalized cutting board: endless possibilities!

We offer a wide range of personalized cutting boards: romantic boards, funny boards, boards related to TV series, boards with photos … The selected patterns are numerous and diverse so that everyone can find the board to cut that suits him. Depending on the models, it is possible to customize letters, words or sentences! For some custom wood cutting boards, it is possible to import a photo or change the background. As you can guess, the possibilities for customization are numerous and endless. The only limit imposed on you? Your creativity!

High quality wooden cutting boards

The customizable cutting boards offered here are made of wood. To be more precise, they are made with birch wood, a wood known for its robust and durable appearance. The boards come from an integration center which mainly helps young people to integrate into working life. When customizing the wooden board, we use a latest generation printing technique. Thanks to this process, the traces linked to the printing of patterns, texts and photos are not visible to the naked eye!

Can custom cutting boards be placed in the dishwasher?

Obviously, our custom cutting boards are suitable for the dishwasher. However, for greater durability, we recommend hand washing.