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This is our family of personalised t – shirts. Thanks to our online editor, here you can create your own t-shirts, with the image, design, message, logo or text you want. The customization of shirts has infinite possibilities, as you can see here.

Personalise your shirt in a few steps and receive it at your home quickly. Be original and create funny shirts, funny, original, geeks or as you like. You can also place an order for many shirts and benefit from our quantity discounts. This is ideal if you are looking for cheap personalized t-shirts for bachelor parties or shirts.

Personalised Shirts For Women

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T-shirt types

In our catalog you will find sizes and models for children and babies, for women, and for men. All our shirts are made of high quality cotton.

Personalised t-shirts for women

When talking about shirts for women, they talk about the shape of the shirt. Specifically, our girls or women’s shirts have two characteristics that differentiate them from the traditional straight-cut t-shirt:

  • They have a wider neck, more open.
  • They are more fitted by the waist area, tighter.

At first, all our shirts were straight classic, but we noticed that many girls and women asked us for shirts with these characteristics, because they like them more like that. Of course, a woman can also opt for straight-cut shirts, which we now call “for men”. In both cases there is a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

For this type of t-shirt, we have all size ranges from XS to XXL. That is, large, small and all intermediate sizes. If you click on the product tab, you will see a table with the exact measurements in centimeters for each size.

Personalised shirts for men

In this case we refer to the most popular shirts, which we all have in mind when we think of shirts. That is, shirts with standard opening collar, and straight cut at the waist. We call them “boy shirts” or “for men” because it is the type of shirt that men usually choose, while the other shirt model explained above is the most popular and chosen in the case of women.

In this case the range of sizes is wider, because it also covers children’s sizes, since girls and boys always wear classic traditional shirts with a straight cut. Therefore, in this type of shirts we have from size 1 year to XXXL. If you click on the product tab, you will see a table with the exact measurements in centimeters for each of the sizes, and so not wrong with your size when designing custom shirts .

Personalised shirts for children

As we explained in the previous paragraph, the children’s shirts are included in the men’s shirts. And it is that both girls and boys, until they are not teenagers, always wear straight-cut shirts. Therefore, if you need a T-shirt for a girl or a boy up to 11 years old (approximately), you must enter the “T-shirts for men / boys” tab.

Our sizes range from 1/2 years to 9/11 years, and within the product sheet you will see how many centimeters each size measures, both length (from the neck to the end), and width (from side to side, without count the sleeves, only body).

Personalized Onesies for babies

Finally, although they are not strictly T-shirts, we include our custom baby bodies within the same section. And, especially during the first year of life, babies mainly wear with onesies, in front of shirts.

They are also cotton, the best material to be in contact with the skin of the baby. We have sizes from newborns to 2 years, or in other words: from 3 to 24 months.


So far we have talked about the types of shirts according to their shape . Special paragraph deserve the colors , because you will be able to choose between several different colors of personalized t – shirts online , both in the girl’s and boy’s shirts. From the basic colors black and white, to blue, green, orange, red, pink … in each product sheet you will see the colors available.

There are also different colors in baby bodies: white, blue or pink (fuchsia).

Types of printing

Finally, it is necessary to explain the types of printing we have. You will be able to choose the type of print you want, whether you are personalizing a shirt for a woman, a man or a child. You will see that one type of printing offers better quality, and the other type is of lower quality but cheaper prices.

Premium Quality: DTG digital printing

The best type of printing is what we call Premium, and it consists of printing using DTG digital printing technique.

DTG digital printing is made with machinery specialized in high quality printing, with direct ink injection in the shirt. The result is spectacular, clear and vivid colors. It is the kind of impression that will stand the test of time and washings.

Important: this type of printing allows you to customize shirts with a transparent background design, either in PNG or SVG format. This means that if you have a design where an illustration or drawing with the transparent background appears (very common for those who have some experience in designing), this is the perfect method, since the background will not be painted, and only the part will be printed. where there is image.

In summary, Premium t-shirts are ideal for those looking for a good quality shirt, resistant to washing, to use on many occasions and not in a timely manner.

Basic quality: Transfer printing

It is the ideal option for those who are looking for cheap personalized t-shirts , even if the printing is of inferior quality and has less resistance to washing.

The most typical examples are: T-shirts for bachelor parties, for village parties or a rock, for events, conferences, retirement … that is: shirts that normally only take a day, for a fun celebration or a unique event of one day.

For such occasions, what is sought is to place an order for several units of shirts for all the members of the same group, club, team, office, etc. And look for each unit to come out as cheap as possible. You do not look so much at the quality or the resistance to washing, because the idea is never to use it again, or only rarely.

In this transfer printing, the chosen image is ironed directly on the fabric. The quality and sharpness is good but it is not so resistant to washing, and although the image has a transparent background, it will be printed with white in those transparent areas. Therefore we must take this into account, especially to print on shirts of colors other than white.

Washing tips

As important tips when it comes to washing our personalized t-shirts: it is recommended to wash in a washing machine with cold water programs; and turn the shirt over before inserting it into the washing machine, so that the printed area is inside, more protected.

Design ideas

Do not know how to design the shirt ?. It is normal to have doubts, and that is that personalization allows you to have infinite ideas: you can create t-shirts with absolutely any design, image, photo, phrase, text, logo … that you want.

You should know that on our website we have dozens of free designs to choose from, all of them customizable, or you can order them as you see them, if you like them that way. We have designs to create geek shirts , fun, funny, beautiful, romantic, children, … whatever you want.

Personalised t-shirts are a multi-purpose gift and can be used as a gift for any occasion, whether t – shirts for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthday, summer, Christmas, etc.

You can design a hippie shirt if that is your style, or if you are a geek you can create a design or text to order your own shirts Star Wars , Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, video games, movies, TV series , music groups … whatever your tastes.

For more rockers you can create heavys shirts , and for the more daring you can design fun and funny shirts with phrases, photos or Internet memes.

As well as t-shirts with messages for the most vindicated, and in general, cool shirts for any type of person, hobbies, needs, etc.

Did you know…?

Depending on the country, region or locality, shirts are also called flannel, coat, shirt, t-shirt, or top. So if you are looking for personalized t-shirts, here you are also in the right place.