5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts South Africa

When a couple celebrates their five years of marriage, we speak of wooden weddings. Symbol of solidity, the wooden wedding anniversary marks the beginning of several changes in the couple’s life.

The wooden wedding: a solid marriage

The celebration of five years of marriage, baptized “wooden wedding”, marks a turning point in the life of a couple. Indeed, the two spouses move away from the status of newlyweds to better consolidate their union. This event is very important in the life of the couple. This means that the newlyweds have managed to build a base, a sufficiently solid base to be able to evolve and flourish while respecting each other. Wood evokes anchoring and refers to the tree which must first take root deep in the ground before it can grow and spread its branches in the sky.

The wooden wedding: time for change

The five years of marriage are usually the beginning of several changes in the couple’s life. The partners must indeed reinvent their history in order not to sink into a routine incompatible with any form of fulfillment. The ardor of the first years of common life must give way to something else. For some, it may be time to have a child. For others, it may be time to do professional projects hand in hand. There are many possibilities for development and it is up to each couple to find the one that suits them.

The wooden wedding: an ode to nature

Wooden weddings are generally celebrated head-to-head and tradition has it that we offer a wooden gift to our partner. Those who have a garden can for example plant a tree. Watching the shrub grow, they will remember the love that unites them every day. 

Among the other celebration ideas, we find the weekend in a perched hut, in the middle of the forest, which will seduce the most adventurous. 

Romantics can opt for a precious wooden jewel or an massage based on essential oils. The important thing is that the gift evokes nature and its purity.