Sally Ann Creed Gelatine 500g

Sally-Ann Creed Gelatine is a genuine, pure gelatine with no additives. It is derived from animals and has a provenance that Sally-Ann Creed can proudly trace back to her grandfather in 1899.  The Creed family are very proud of the gelatine produced today in Ireland. It sets all types of dishes without the use of gelatine powder (which is usually derived from fish bones). Sally-Ann Creed Gelatine is ideal for using to set desserts, desserts, sauce, ice cream mixtures and whipped cream. You can also use it in savoury dishes and sauces.



Sally Ann Creed Gelatine is formulated for simple and easy use, providing a clear viscosity gel when set. It can be used to make fresh fruit jelly, sugar jelly or as a substitute for gelatine – it also has the taste, colour and appearance of the traditional alternatives.


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