Mineralife Molybdenum

Despite the fact that molybdenum is a trace mineral, it is needed for optimal health and is utilized by the body in tiny amounts. It is necessary for iron and copper metabolism, as well as many other vital enzymatic events in your body, such as the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, which means it may aid in weight reduction and provide an energy boost. It also has a role in the development of a strong bone structure and the maintenance of healthy teeth, as well as the health of your immune system. Its critical function in maintaining the equilibrium of your body may also assist to alleviate arthritic symptoms, promote deeper, more restful sleep, and remove harmful nitrogen from your system in the form of uric waste. Mineralife Molybdenum is a proprietary ionic liquid solution that is blended with Fulvic Acid to provide the best possible absorption. Mineralife Molybdenum is available in a variety of strengths.




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