Personalised Attitude Racerback and Water Bottle


Knowing an exercise fanatic who swears they’re good-mannered (but are certainly not), then this personalised attitude racer-back and water bottle is ideal for all of them! Exercising is tough, plus they can not be expected to be considerate all the time. This is exactly why this lively and cynical gym set present is great for them. This gift set features a pink racerback showcasing the words So, Apparently I Have An Attitude, using a stencilled typeface design. The gift set also features a water bottle which may be customised with the addition of the receiver’s name. This present comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Therefore, deliver them a little something to get them inspired for the gym! Order online at Hamperlicious. Have this Personalised Attitude Racerback And Water Bottle delivered with Hamperlicious.


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