If you’re struggling with finding the perfect 31st birthday gifts for him, worry no more because Hamperlicious has you covered! With our selection, you won’t just upgrade his 30s, you’ll make him anticipate the following year just to receive another one of our fantastic finds.

Whether it’s for a husband, best friend, or brother turning the big 3-1, we’ve got all sorts of dazzling gifts that will make him grin. How about something reminiscent of Father’s day gifts? Or maybe he’s the type to appreciate the sort of gifts typically given on his 33rd? Either way, we promise you can’t go wrong with our selection.

Surprise Him with Unforgettable Treasures: Top 31st Birthday Gifts for Men

1. Chocolate Truffles with Moet & Chandon

Chocolate Truffles with Moet & Chandon

Toast to his 31st circuit around the sun with a pairing that’s second to fun. Pop the cork on some Moet & Chandon and savor the fizz, then dive into divine decadence with gourmet Chocolate Truffles. It’s not just a gift; it’s a palate parade! Perfect for the gentleman who appreciates the sweeter sips in life. 🍾🍫 Cheers to good taste!

2. Personalised Adventure Luxury Box

Personalised Adventure Luxury Box

Embrace the thrill of maturation with the Personalised Adventure Luxury Box! This isn’t just any box; it’s a timber treasure chest that guards a bubbly bounty. Tailored to transform his 31st milestone into a swashbuckling saga, it’s the perfect way to say, “Here’s to the greatest voyage ahead – aged to perfection, like the fine spirit it cradles.” Set his course for the sublime! 🍾⚓

3. Trudeau Salmon Board with Wine and Snacks

Trudeau Salmon Board with Wine and Snacks

Dive into the fin-tastic world of gourmet with the Trudeau Salmon Board. Perfect for the snack-loving, wine-sipping guy in your life, this board is a ‘reel’ catch! It comes with savory wine and delectable snacks that won’t leave him fishing for flavor. A whale of a time for his 31st! Cheers to snack-cessful gifting! 🍷🐟 #SalmonSaysSnack

4. Personalised Johnnie Walker Blue Gift Set

Personalised Johnnie Walker Blue Gift Set

Toast to another year well-aged with the Personalised Johnnie Walker Blue Gift Set. It’s the spirit-ed choice to celebrate his 31st swirl around the sun. Let him sip in style while feeling like the gentleman Johnnie he is. And remember, personalized gifts are neat, just like his favorite whiskey. Perfect for the man who deserves a high-spirited round of applause!

5. Personalised Moet Rose Crate

Personalised Moet Rose Crate

Bubble over with excitement for his 31st! Gift him a Personalised Moët Rosé Crate that’s sure to spark(le) joy. With a custom-engraved message, this fine bubbly housed in its chic wooden cocoon is a toast to his prime time. So, pop the cork on a personalized present that’s just vintage enough for a gent turning the big 3-1. Cheers to sophistication in sips!

6. Personalised Heineken Six Pack Beer Man Crate

Personalised Heineken Six Pack Beer Man Crate

Crack a smile and a cold one with our Personalised Heineken Six Pack Beer Man Crate! Ideal for the guy who’s hop-py to be hitting 31. Customize with his name, and watch him light up faster than a birthday candle—this is one brew-tiful gift that’s sure to make him feel ale and hearty on his big day! 🍻 #CheersTo31Years

7. Jameson Hip Flask Gift Set

Jameson Hip Flask Gift Set

For the gent who likes his spirits spirited away, the Jameson Hip Flask Gift Set is the perfect pocket-sized pal. A snug sippable companion, this stainless steel flask ensures his favorite Irish whiskey is always at hand. Couple it with a rich bottle of Jameson Caskmates for a toast that’s stoutly smooth. Truly a cheeky cheers for his 31st trip around the sun! 🥃✨

8. Birthday Wishes Chocolate Box

Birthday Wishes Chocolate Box

Sweeten his 31st with the Birthday Wishes Chocolate Box, where every bite is a love note that never fades. Filled with delectable surprises, it’s not just a box of chocolates—it’s a treasure chest of affection. Perfect for the man who’s aged to perfection, these treats say “I love you” in the most delicious way possible. Indulge his sweet tooth and his heart!

9. Small Biltong Slicer With Nuts & Biltong

Small Biltong Slicer With Nuts & Biltong

Slice into his 31st with a gift that’s a cut above! The Small Biltong Slicer with Nuts & Biltong is the perfect combo for the discerning snack connoisseur. With its sharp blade and quality wood finish, it’s ‘no mis-steak’ for a man who enjoys the finer slices in life. Paired with a hearty selection of nuts, this gift is ‘nuts-actly’ what he’ll love! 🥩🔪🥜

10. Boyfriend Bro Bucket Personalised Gift

Boyfriend Bro Bucket Personalised Gift

Indulge your man’s sweet tooth with the Boyfriend Bro Bucket Personalised Gift! It’s brimming with charm and chocolate appeal that’ll make his 31st birthday unforgettable. This proof of affection is customised with his name, ensuring every bite reminds him of your love. Perfect for guys with a taste for wit and whimsy! It’s a ‘can‘-do gift for your ‘can-do’ guy!

11. Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme 125ml EDT

Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme 125ml EDT

Whisk him away on a scent-sational journey with Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme EDT! It’s not chocolate, but it’ll make him feel just as irresistible. This 125ml bottle packs a punch of aromatic sophistication that’s perfect for his 31st landmark. Gift him the essence of elegance and watch him turn heads and melt hearts—no sweet tooth required!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect birthday gift for a man can be a piece of cake if you have the right ideas. Whether it’s his 31st or 34th birthday, ensuring your gift makes him smile from ear to ear is key. If he’s turning 34 this year, why not consider some fantastic 34th birthday gifts for him? These gifts blend fun and practicality, ensuring you hit a home run in the gifting game.

Moving up the age ladder, a man’s 35th birthday can be a blast with gifts that match his evolving style and interests. Check out our curated selection of 35th birthday gifts for him to find something that’s just his speed. From gadgets that make his eyes light up to experiences that will create lasting memories, turning 35 never looked so good.

And as he continues to age like fine wine and approaches his late thirties, the 36th birthday gifts for him and 37th birthday gifts for him should reflect his maturity and sophistication. By presenting a gift that strikes the right balance between fun and refinement, you’ll remind him that age is just a number. So, dive in and explore these unique gift ideas, ensuring his birthdays are celebrated in style, year after year.

Craig Sandeman

Craig Sandeman is South Africa’s go-to guru for all things gift-giving, blending psychology and cultural insights to curate perfect presents. A Cape Town native with a global perspective, he’s renowned for his blog, workshops, and media features that delve into the art and science of thoughtful gifting. If you’re ever stumped on finding the ideal gift, Craig’s expert advice is your ticket to gifting success.

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