60th (Diamond) Wedding Anniversary Gifts South Africa

Make the happy couples 60th anniversary special with one of our unique diamond anniversary gifts.

Among the various anniversaries, the Diamond Wedding represents a really important junction in the life of a married couple, which thus reaches sixty years of life spent together. An event to be made memorable, celebrating it with the closest family members, but also with the most lasting friendships: therefore, the children, grandchildren and old friends will have the noble task of properly honoring an occasion whose rarity makes it something extremely significant.

The Meaning of the Diamond Wedding Anniversary

It is no coincidence that the diamond, the shining precious stone, is the symbol of this special event: from the ancient Greek adamas, that is “steel”, the diamond perfectly embodies the principles of unshakability and firmness at the basis of a relationship so consolidated over the years to be considered, in fact, adamantine.

But that’s not all: solidity is not the only property of this mineral, whose composition is also characterized by purity and shine , especially when, when properly worked, it acquires the so-called fire or panache . And this fire that shines eternally is the same that feeds the flame of a love that, like that of the two celebrated, never goes out.

60th Anniversary Party Ideas

On the other hand, those who celebrate their Diamond Wedding, having spent sixty years together, will have joined in marriage around the fifties : since then a considerable period of time has certainly passed, in which it will have been possible for them to attend the most disparate events, from historical ones through socio-political ones to more strictly personal ones.

Those who are preparing to celebrate this event in their honor will therefore have to take care of every detail, especially as regards the gifts to be given to the two guests. As for the favors, flowers and sugared almonds that are usually brought as gifts on these occasions, but also as regards the type of celebration itself, etiquette prescribes, in fact, a rather precise practice.

It is necessary, first of all, to consider that the Diamond Wedding is celebrated by the spouses mainly in the company of family members , better still if numerous, and therefore the favors will be thought mostly for them: in fact, since they are two people now probably retired, there should be neither employers or colleagues to be involved in this regard.

Among other things, since – as we have seen – the diamond is the symbol of this particular anniversary, the predominant color must be white : therefore, since there are no flowers traditionally associated with this type of anniversary, it is advisable to prepare bouquets with white flowers but of different shades for each of the six decades; and also the confetti must be white just like on the wedding day.


For the decorations with which to embellish the actual party, the most coherent suggestion is to apply shiny rhinestones to greeting cards, centerpieces, gift wrapping paper, balloons and anything else, to ensure that everything is in pendant : the same favors could be, for example, crystal glasses, just to not differ from the color and refinement contained in the stone-symbol of the event.

In general, however, the items are the most popular: a silver spoon, a handkerchief bearing the two embroidered initials of the couple, a small medal with the engraving of their names, blown glass statuettes and so on.

The two celebrated, however, should exchange real diamonds . Yet, it should not be forgotten that in all likelihood these two people, after sixty years of life together, will have gradually become less materialistic: and this must be kept in mind especially when choosing the gift to give them.

60th Anniversary Gift Ideas

When buying the gift, therefore, you must keep this aspect in mind: instead of rushing to buy sets of dishes, jewelry, various tinsel, book them a dinner in a particular restaurant, tickets for some interesting shows, organizing them a trip out of town or a relaxing day of treatments in a wellness center could be decidedly more appropriate choices.

As for the two spouses on a more specifically personal level, what would be truly moving would be to create a CD in which to collect all the songs in vogue the year of the fateful “yes”: an excellent musical background to browse, perhaps, a beautiful photo album with the most significant images of the last sixty years together, from those of the wedding itself to those of children, grandchildren, friends, from those of travel abroad to those of the houses where you lived and so on.

50th Anniversary Messages

60th Anniversary Messages

The Diamond Wedding is ultimately a moment full of great emotions, for which it is necessary to weigh well the words to say or to write. Here are some proposals for greeting phrases that could be a starting point for those who want to celebrate with dignity a historic couple who have reached such an incredible milestone:

Dear grandparents, today you are sixty years old when you joined in marriage: and since we have been lucky enough to meet you, we have always seen you happy. You have not let yourself be overwhelmed by problems and worries because, first of all, you have wanted each other and continue to love you: that your immense example may be a reference for us for many more years!



It is the solid unions like yours, inseparable after all these years, that teach us how sacred the values ​​of marriage and family are. With this floral tribute we extend our most sincere wishes!



Walking alongside the path of life can often become a tortuous path, but your love has been able to show you the right steps to take: you have reached this extraordinary milestone of sixty years together without doubting for a moment that your life would go on like this. And so it will continue. We wish you all the best!