50th (Golden) Wedding Anniversary Gifts South Africa

Our unqiue 50th wedding anniversary gifts are perfect for celebrating any golden wedding anniversary. Perfect for grandparents and parents!

The Golden Wedding notoriously corresponds to the fiftieth wedding anniversary: an important <a href=”http://hamperlicious.co.za/gifts-by-occasion/anniversary/”>anniversary</a> that certainly is worth in itself as a gift, but that does not mean that it should not be celebrated in the most appropriate way. The ideal in cases like this would be to be able to organize an enlarged party, so that you can share the happiness of such a long-lasting love with all your loved ones.

The Meaning of the Golden Wedding Anniversary

The Golden Wedding is considered one of the most celebrated anniversaries in the world: having spent half a century with a single person (fifty years) means, in fact, having reached a milestone so epochal that it cannot be passed in silence. The invaluable metal that gives its name to this joyful commemoration is emblematic: gold is, in fact, often associated with good health and an optimistic attitude towards life. A noble metal which is therefore a symbol not only of shining beauty, but also of strength and resistance to any type of deterioration.

50th Anniversary Party Ideas

The Golden Wedding is therefore an occasion in which it is good to gather the whole family for lunch or dinner, thus promoting the meeting between different generational dimensions to which to remember the power of such a long and happy union. Celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary with dignity is therefore a task for both the spouses, and the relatives and close friends who will be invited.


Being a Golden Wedding, the dominant motif must be precisely that of the noble metal: for decorations, then, nothing more adequate than a brilliant golden glitter to be applied on flowers, on greeting cards, on gift paper, on balloons and so on.

Even the table should be laid in a agreement to this motto would be, therefore, very appropriate to get a golden cloth, the crystal glasses and a porcelain dinner service from gilded edgesgolden candles and even golden vessels in flower arranging. For the toast, the most recommended wine is Chardonnay, whose straw yellow color will perfectly match everything else.

For the most faithful celebrants, the ideal on this important occasion would be to renew the vows, perhaps precisely in the place where he got married fifty years earlier; while the more imaginative ones might think of organizing a picnic with napkins, plates and glasses always rigorously golden. As for floral embellishments, just know that the flower-symbol of this anniversary is the same as the first anniversary: the violet.

Wedding Favours

With regard to wedding favors, however, you are spoiled for choice: from lace bags with ribbons and golden flowers to gold- enameled ceramic jewelry boxes, from watches to laminated photo frame icons , from ceramic flowers to heavy glass boxes , all proverbially decorated with the number fifty or with the symbol of crossed rings and accompanied by creamy white sugared almonds .

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

On the gift issue, however, it would be good to consider the age of the guests: since these are people who will certainly be of a certain age, you could opt for household items, such as a picture or a double quilt, if not – for those who can afford to spend something extra – a TV equipped with a decoder to combine some subscriptions with programs of their particular interest.

And if the couple in question is endowed with a certain dynamism and spirit of adventure, you could book them a hot air balloon ride, or perhaps a spot at the same destination they visited on their Honeymoon. Another successful gift idea is an accurate collection of their photographs: if you could bring together all the key images of their life, from the distant childhood until the day of their great celebration, passing through the first meeting, the first trip , the first child and so on, would really be something very impressive.

For those who have a little more time, you could even think of creating a slide show of the photos of the spouses on DVD accompanied by a personalized soundtrack, with the most representative songs of their journey together. Still, the most creative could try their hand at setting up a “tree of desires” , among whose branches golden bows should be placed, portraits of the dearest and best affections for dinners in starred restaurants or tickets for shows, trips, spas and so on. ‘other.

50th Anniversary Messages

50th Anniversary Messages

Of course, the gifts for the two guests will be matched with greeting cards that will have to live up to such a special occasion as the Golden Wedding: here, then, are a series of suggestions of ad hoc phrases from which to draw inspiration for formulate best wishes felt and suitable for the occasion.


Your union, so long and happy, is a life lesson for all of us. Best wishes from your children and grandchildren for your Golden Wedding.



A little thought to feel part of a truly immense joy. Happy 50th anniversary!



The climb was slow, but by now you have reached the top: you just have to enjoy the view. Happy Anniversary!



Reaching the Golden Wedding is a privilege that a select few can enjoy: that health and luck can accompany you for many more years. Congratulations!



To our beloved parents, who today celebrate their golden anniversary for real: thank you for having taught us through all these years the profound meaning of true love.