30th (Pearl) Wedding Anniversary Gifts South Africa

The Pearl wedding anniversary is called so precisely by virtue of the exceptionality that the finding of a pearl constitutes. A thirty-year married life is not so different from that spent by fishermen in the middle of the sea: sailing for days, months, years, on waters that are now calm, now rough, to then throw the nets into the sea and find, among all the good things of the catch, an oyster.

And in that oyster you have the certainty that you can find a treasure there: a white pearl, perfect, like all the love that can be cultivated in thirty years. A treasure that, however, not everyone is able to create: just as the complex chemical reaction to give rise to the formation of the pearl depends on the penetration of a simple grain of sand inside the shell, in the same way it must be remembered that any relationship comes to life and feeds on small things only in appearance.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The anniversary of the thirty years of marriage is, for a married couple, the ideal opportunity to spend a joyful day with the whole family. But what are the best anniversary gifts to give to those who celebrate such a special event?

Traditionally, of course, it is aimed at jewelry, with bracelets, earrings, pearl necklaces  but nevertheless nothing prevents you from choosing without fail another type of precious gem: the diamond. Unlike pearls, diamonds are among the most unscratchable precious stones in the world and do not require special care: however, they are also a fitting symbol of the indestructibility of the bond in question.

If, however, the two guests are travel lovers, the ideal would be to be able to organize a nice holiday in some exotic destination, perhaps historically linked to the collection of pearls, such as Broome, in Western Australia.

Finally, as regards the flowers, it is sufficient to know that the floral tribute to be made for the Pearl Wedding is the lily, which in its various specimens symbolizes noble principles such as purity, sweetness, devotion and perseverance: all qualities that must have been indispensable to the strengthening of a bond like the one being celebrated. When you want to have confetti packed for the celebration, always remember that the reference color is aqua green.

30th Anniversary Messages

30th Anniversary Messages

On the occasion of an exceptional event such as that of the Pearl Wedding it is good to be able to express appropriately the happiness you feel towards the two lucky guests: here are some tips to refer to to make them wish them worthy of the incredible achievement .

Thirty years of married life equals about eleven thousand nights spent together, with as many awakenings, and smiles, and fears, and joys, and sorrows: and these thirty years can be achieved only with the awareness that the right choice is the one that is repeated everyday. Our best wishes for your Pearl Wedding!

Every day in the world there is a couple who chooses to promise themselves eternal love, but how many of these manage to keep their word? You are undoubtedly among the few who have been able to give their “yes” a meaning that defies time, especially that which is so arid that we currently live. Our admiration goes to you: happy Pearl Wedding!
In the same way that, pulled on board a network dotted with oysters, the hard work of fishermen in search of pearls is rewarded, so after thirty years you too reap the strength and sense of the countless life experiences lived next to each other to the other: you can take off together for another thirty years! Our best wishes!
In the era that celebrates mere appearances even on the most significant day that a man and a woman can share, you have shown the greatness of your love for thirty years: happy thirtieth wedding anniversary!
We are close to you in the joy of this long journey together: our best wishes for your thirtieth wedding anniversary!