2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts South Africa

“Sweet is love when it looks like cotton, flexible and fluffy, and never breaks” – Malagasy Proverb. 

You got married 2 years ago , and this 2nd anniversary is an event that couples usually celebrate in a romantic way. But what gift to offer for the cotton wedding? You should know that the materials symbolize the evolution of the marital union, over the years, the materials become more and more dense and solid. For this 2nd year of marriage, we celebrate the wedding of cotton.

This plant material, soft and light, comes from cotton, a tree that would repel negative waves. The pretty white balls it produces would therefore have the virtues of protecting the hearth once placed in a sugar bowl. Also, this 2nd year of marriage helped forge stronger ties within the couple … similar to cotton threads, fragile alone, but very resistant intertwined with each other.

What gift to offer for the cotton wedding?

To celebrate your 2 years of marriage, why not offer each other a piece of cotton as a gift? It seems simple at first, but a pretty T-shirt or a sweatshirt embroidered with the love word could be quite suitable … You can also opt for Egyptian cotton sheets that will give you the opportunity to laze in your matrimonial bed in the early morning, or a tote bag with a message to go to sport or do your shopping while thinking of your loved one. The advantage with cotton is that it is used on all occasions. You will therefore have the choice to please your other half and celebrate your cotton wedding together!