25th (Silver) Wedding Anniversary Gifts South Africa

At the fall of the twenty – fifth year of marriage, it is customary to celebrate the well-known anniversary of the Silver Wedding: an event of considerable importance, which must be celebrated in an elegant and refined way. After all, the Silver Wedding represents a real milestone in terms of wedding anniversaries: having spent a quarter of a century together is certainly not something for everyone, quite the contrary. No precautions will therefore be left out to make this day truly memorable.

How to celebrate 25 years of marriage

The reception to be held to celebrate the big event usually takes place in a restaurant: if the date falls in spring or summer, you could also opt for an outdoor lunch or dinner. If you then have a house with large enough rooms, you could organize a party at home: in any case, that of the location is a matter of capital importance, because only the right one will allow friends and relatives invited not to feel uncomfortable and to fully enjoy the celebrations.

Since it is a Silver Wedding, the main theme of the decorations will have to match the precious metal: the advice, therefore, is to apply silver glitter on the greeting cards, on the gift paper, on the balloons, on the centerpieces and on saying. If you could lay the table, covered with a silver tablecloth too, with a set of porcelain with silver edges you would really reach perfection. Furthermore, on this occasion, during which spouses often renew their promises, the ideal flower to bring as a gift is the iris, which expresses more than any other deep feelings such as absolute trust, truth and hope.

Silver Anniversary Gift Ideas

As for gifts , it would be preferable to direct your choice towards silver jewelry items or silver frames. Alternatively, it would not be a bad idea to buy tickets for some show of particular interest, be it theatrical, musical or sports, as long as the two guests like it. But be careful not to forget to pack them according to the reference color: silver boxes and ribbons will surely be the most appreciated packs. Finally, if you are particularly sentimental, you can think of some poem, which will be written strictly with silver ink then put it in a frame, naturally in silver.

The Meaning Of The Silver Wedding Anniversary

The Meaning Of The Silver Wedding Anniversary

It seems that the roots of the anniversary lie in a very ancient past: according to a chronicle written around the year 1000 by a monk from Cluny, a French city known for its Benedictine abbey, the king of France Ugo Capeto, when visiting the suburbs of Paris, where he should have liquidated the legacy of his uncle merchant of beasts, found by the latter a servant, now old, remained celibate, who had shown his master over the course of twenty-five years of service great loyalty.

On the same farm, there was a woman , who in turn never joined anyone in marriage. Upon hearing the story of the two, Ugo Capeto made them call in his presence and said to the woman: “Your merit is far greater than that of this man, who is also very great, because the constancy of the woman in the work is much more difficult. and in obedience to that of man. Now, I would like to reward you: nothing better than offering you a dowry and a husband.

So this fund belongs to you today.¬†If this man who worked here for twenty-five years agrees to take you as a wife, your husband is ready too. ”¬†The servant, confused, replied: “Majesty, is it your desire that we marry with silver hair?”.

The king, slipping off a¬†silver ring studded with gems¬†from his finger¬†to insert it on the woman’s ring finger, replied: ‚ÄúIt will therefore be a silver wedding and I will personally give you the wedding ring.¬†The episode became known throughout France, to such an extent that it is believed that it was from that moment on that the costume of the Silver Wedding began, of which the Golden Wedding would be only an imitation to doubled distance.

Other sources, however, would like that the tradition of the Silver Wedding originated in medieval Germany , where on the occasion of the celebrations for the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary the bride welcomed her guests with a silver crown on her .

On the other hand, if for centuries the shiny metal has been taken as a symbol of the anniversary it is certainly not without reason: silver not only represents the brilliance and radiance of the union celebrated, but Рbeing among the heat conductors the best ever Рembodies the perfect metaphor for the bonds in which both sides have really managed to interpenetrate, letting themselves be crossed by the energy of their love.

Greeting phrases

Greeting phrases for 25th Anniversary

Being able to find the right words for a special occasion such as that of the Silver Wedding is not a trivial matter: to ensure that the greeting card addressed to the two lucky guests is up to an event as happy as it is rare, yes he may then think of taking a look at the most popular formulas in cases like this.

Being able to be together for twenty five years is synonymous with deep love, intimate understanding and mutual esteem: may these values ‚Äč‚Äčcontinue to animate your splendid union.¬†Wishes!

If there is one thing that has never changed in the last twenty five years, that is your love: best wishes!
The Silver Wedding is a truly admirable goal: you can live your love with joy and serenity for another twenty five years!
To get to the Silver Wedding either you are crazy or you are in love for real: since signs of mental failure have not been seen … Congratulations to you!
Having parents like you, who not only loved each other for so long, but who also gave birth to such a happy family, is truly a miracle: thank you for all you have given us and best wishes!