10th (Tin) Wedding Anniversary Gifts South Africa

Although this anniversary is designated in other countries, with the name of Aluminum Wedding, the achievement of ten years of marriage corresponds to the Tin Wedding. Having spent an entire decade next to each other constitutes a real record for a contemporary couple: already in other places the current precariousness of marital relationships was mentioned, with a consequent crisis around the third year and separation around the fifth. Those who celebrate the Tin Wedding are lucky enough not to fall within this decadent average, having managed to make these ten years a period of great maturity – not surprisingly, it is precisely during this period of time that children are generally born.

The Meaning Of The Tin Anniversary

Tin is, in effect, a metallic material malleable, but also very resistant to corrosion and oxidation, all properties also associated to aluminum. They both remember, therefore, how continuous flexibility is an indispensable provision in order to achieve the exceptional result of a long-lasting relationship that is immune to breakage.

What Gifts To Send on a Tin Wedding Anniversary?

Since this is a metallic – so to speak – occasion, the association with recycling comes almost spontaneously: it would be very original to be able to organize an eco-sustainable party, respecting nature and the surrounding environment. Moving in the wake of this eco-friendly motif, the ideal would be to create lovely recycled objects, leaving white paper to your creativity: from keychains to bracelets, from flowers to ashtrays, in short, there is nothing to indulge in!

However, if you had a larger budget, the most appropriate gift to make on this occasion should be a jewel, preferably a diamond. While if you want to bring real flowers as a gift, the choice should fall strictly on the yellow daffodils, whose bell-shaped petal recalls the joy and happiness aroused by the happy event that is being celebrated.

Alternatively, you can always buy tickets for the theater, for sporting events, for concerts and anything else and vouchers for dinners in prestigious restaurants or for trips outside the city. The same applies to wedding favors too: tin or silver cardboard boxes should be preferred, in which bags with yellow sugared almonds should be placed. And if the bride and groom want to spend the day in intimacy, a romantic suggestion could be to find a nice little place where to have a tasty brunch based on bread, cheeses and red wine.

Greeting phrases for gift cards

Even for those who celebrate the Tin Wedding, it is good to find the most suitable words: being able to carry on a relationship lasting an entire decade is, in fact, a great little achievement and, as such, it must be honored with the right wishes. Here are some greeting phrases that can be used to pay homage to the happy couple:

  • Ten years can cause wear and tear: after all, tin was once used to coat worn copper pots. Apparently though, you don’t need it! Happy Anniversary!
  • Tradition brings your tenth wedding anniversary back to tin, a poor and humble material: the reason may be in the attempt to remind us all that building true love is a company that requires humility and willingness to face everyday life together more banal. You have successfully succeeded and for this reason our admiration goes to you: best wishes for all that will come!
  • Like tin, you managed to be malleable, not to stiffen each one on your own positions: the merit of the greatness of your union, therefore, is only yours! Happy tin wedding!
  • Ten years together are not only synonymous with love, but also with great dedication and incredible patience: the happiness that you have managed to build up in all this time will no doubt be stainless. Happy Anniversary!