Gifts For Expecting Moms


Our Pregnancy Gifts Are The Best!

Sometimes we doubt about what to give to a pregnant woman and we end up choosing products for the baby: a body, a babysitter, a blanket … But during pregnancy, mothers need to feel more loved and cared for than ever, that’s why it’s important to have a detail exclusively for them.

Pregnancy is 40 weeks of physical and emotional processes and changes. During the time the woman is pregnant she feels beautiful, ugly, powerful, tiny, confident, full of doubts, tired, with an incredible vital energy, angry, happy, sad, plethoric … How is it possible for a woman to feel all this in just nine months? The hallucinatory is not only that, it is that you can get to feel them all in just 24 hours!


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The power of hormones is amazing during pregnancy, and is something that all women know, since they deal with them every month since puberty. For some these cyclical changes are imperceptible, others, on the contrary, live authentic emotional whirlwinds. In any case, when a woman becomes pregnant she lives full of very habitual doubts: will everything be fine? Should I consult with a second gynecologist? What can I do to make the baby develop better? What exercise is better for me now that I am pregnant? Is it normal to have legs so swollen?

In general there are normal doubts that can be resolved by consulting our doctor or reference pages such as but, not being normal these concerns, overwhelm less. That is why we must always be understanding with the future moms , they are overwhelmed (some more and others less) with their bodily changes, with the change that a son will imply in their life and, also, considering if they will be able to do everything and, although we are sure that it is so normal that they feel that way!

That’s why you have to take advantage of any occasion to make them feel special, in addition, once the baby is born, and until the routines settle down again, there will not be much time to dedicate to anyone other than the newborn.