Amandean Premium Collagen Peptides

Amandean Premium Collagen Peptides is a premium hydrolyzed beef collagen supplement that offers numerous health benefits, and can also used to replace food as needed. Made from grass-fed cattle in South America, this high-quality protein powder is often used for the treatment of joint pain, support of weight loss, and it’s also said to alleviate signs of aging.



Amandean Premium Beef Collagen Peptides are pure hydrolysed cattle collagen peptides, sourced naturally from South American cattle. Our collagen peptides are a fantastic protein supplement for the fitness enthusiast. They are a great alternative to consuming beef meat which typically carries high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. Our beef collagen is created from fresh cattle hides and contains 90%+ protein with essential amino acids, it is a highly bio-available natural anti-aging superfood supplement, rich in sulphur based amino acids that help build strong hair, nails, bones and joints.


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