Baby Shower Gift Ideas

One of the most special moments in life is to bring a child to the world. It is a unique feeling with unsurpassed happiness, that’s why it is important to surprise the future mom with gifts. But it is not worth any kind of gifts for pregnant women, we go further and we suggest that you create your own gifts for pregnant women.

Personalisation allows you to take much more care of the details and create gifts for very original babies with which to surprise future parents . You can design them with the name of the baby, the photo of an ultrasound … You will love it, because any of our personalised baby gifts, besides being as you want, are very practical.

If you do not know what to give to a pregnant woman, do not worry, because we have a selection of the items that we sell the most and that we like the most among our clients as details for pregnant women .

What to give on a first-time pregnancy 

The first child is very special, because it involves many changes in the lives of future dads. However, it is one of the most magical moments for them. Among our products, you will find what to give to a first-time mother , because with these gifts for first-time moms you will succeed in total safety.

The baby footprint frame is a gift for the ideal first-time mother. In it, you put the picture of your baby and on the other side then make the mark of the footprint. The result is fantastic and it is very emotional. Hygiene and bath products are also a very recurrent detail.

Another gift for the future mom would be the personalized jewelry. They are very special and you can record in them the name of the baby, the date of birth, etc. You can also choose stuffed toys or accessories that the future baby will need on a day-to-day basis.

Original gifts for pregnant women

Most of the details you will find in this section are gifts for newborns. But we consider that they are the ones that are going to be able to take out more to satisfy the needs of the smallest. You will find original gifts for babies, which you can design to your liking and surprise them with something exclusive.

Our personalized story “My Mom” ​​is a gift for ideal new moms . You only have to facilitate the photograph of the protagonist and we will do the rest. This story is very emotional, so either your friend, sister or a co-worker will be delighted and will make you a huge illusion.

Another option of detail very recurrent are the baskets for babies. They are very fashionable and practical, because you can put several products in them. For example: personalised bib, body and blanket embroidered with a teddy bear. The combinations are endless, just trying to create a practical baby basket with basic items that will be able to use them.

The custom plush toys are very soft and the little ones love them. You can design them with your name or your photo both embroidered and printed. It will become your favorite stuffed animal.