Gift vouchers for flights

When the occasion is already tomorrow, and the gift has not been bought and there is not a single worthwhile thought: What certificates can be presented to a man, girlfriend or sister – that’s sure to surprise? Flying experiences will be the best! Gift certificates for flights are universal, because they suit absolutely everyone: children, adults, those who are afraid of heights, and those who love it. 

For those who feel confident in the vastness of heaven, we recommend piloting an aircraft: a 30-minute flight on a light four-seater Cessna airplane, which you can take in the co-pilot’s chair after a short preliminary briefing. 

Our gift voucher store is ready to help buy a parachute jump as a gift: in tandem with an instructor or, for lovers of extreme sensations, an independent parachute jump. For those who are not ready to receive an increased portion of adrenaline, it will be more suitable to go on a tandem paraglider flight. If the recipient wants to learn how to fly on his own, give him a certificate allowing him to take the pilots controls for one of our introductory flights.

For a quiet pastime, we offer certificates for sightseeing / pleasure flights on small vintage aircraft: Tiger Moth, Harvard and classic 50’s twin prop planes; Eurocopter or Robinson helicopters. Pay special attention to our hot air balloon rides. It can be either individual romantic flights (balloon balloon will have the shape of a heart), or group.

Choose aviation and enjoy unforgettable flying gift experiences in South Africa.