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Biltong Gifts South Africa

When you browse our fine biltong gifts or hampers you’ll be assured that all your recipients will be receiving only the best South African traditional biltong (boerwors). Our biltong are highly rated and are from very popular reputable butchers within South Africa.

Our biltong gift hampers offer an array of 1st class biltong such as the popular Ostrich, Kudu, Springbok and traditional beef.

Biltong is cured meat originating from South Africa. To produce it, different types of meat are used, ranging from game and beef meats, that are cut into thin strips just after the grain of the muscle, or thin flat slices over the grain. Similar to jerky in as both are spiced and dried, yet the typical taste, production and ingredients processes are different, particularly the main factor is that Biltong is really much less sweet.

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by Sally on Hamperlicious
Wonderful product range

Been using them for years!