55 years is an important stage in the life of every person, especially a woman. This date is usually celebrated on a grand scale, “on a grand scale,” convening a lot of guests for the celebration. So what to give a woman 55 years old so as not to fall face down in the mud? You will find the answers in this material.

Psychological portrait of a 55 year old woman

t is generally accepted that 55 years is the age when you can call a woman fully realized as a mother, spouse, employee, and, finally, as a person and person. In addition, 55 years is a serious date marking the retirement of the fair sex. Of course, in honor of such a date, the gift should be appropriate.

If young people, for the most part, want to receive material things as a gift, then a mature woman will be able to appreciate presentations “for the soul”.

Women are emotional and unpredictable, so in order to please the hero of the day, you will need to make some efforts. Especially carefully you need to approach the choice of gifts “with a joke”, as a person at an older age will not always be able to evaluate them as it was intended.

55 years is the time when there is a mass of free time that you can spend as you wish. Someone completely devotes himself to children and grandchildren, someone is immersed in pleasant country chores, and someone begins to travel. Gift selection principle

Gift selection principle

It is necessary to choose presentations taking into account the relationship with the hero of the day you are in. If you are just colleagues or acquaintances with this woman, then gifts in this case should be conservative. If the hero of the anniversary is your relative or girlfriend, then you can make presentations of almost any kind. In order to present a truly luxurious gift, it is worth considering the following factors:

  1. The character of the hero of the day.
  2. Her hobbies and interests.
  3. Future plans.
Be especially attentive to a woman who is about to celebrate her 55th birthday. She can often hint at what she needs, what she would like to receive from you as a gift, but she is embarrassed to say it directly and out loud.

If the jubilee is not a close person for you, then try not to buy gifts that are personal in nature, for example, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, perfumes. Presentation of medical devices, medicines and other things should also be avoided. It will be very tactless of you to hint a birthday girl about her age and existing health problems.

In the event that the jubilee is a good friend or relative to you, the problem of choosing a gift is greatly simplified. Remember her character traits, preferences and hobbies. Perhaps you will come up with a gift idea based on some kind of event that connects the two of you.

If you are with the hero of the occasion in a fairly close and frank relationship, then gifts such as clothing, cosmetics and personal items will even be very helpful.

Do not treat the choice of a presentation as a painful and long task. Remember that a gift is primarily a manifestation of attention and respect for a person. Even if you make a mistake, it’s okay, because there will be many more reasons to please the jubilee with a gift.

Flowers that can be presented for the birthday

On holidays, the hero of the occasion decided to please with flowers. A bouquet is not just a formality, but also a kind of compliment. To understand the meaning of each plant will help the language of flowers.

  • Red roses are true, pure, sincere love.
  • White roses are virtue, eternal love.
  • Orchids – zeal, hard work.
  • Callas – admiration, respect.
  • Chrysanthemums are red – ” I love you.”
  • Tiger lilies – wealth, prosperity.
  • Gerbera – joy, love of life.
  • Daisies are the highest degree of happiness.

What flowers should not be given to a birthday girl?

  • Yellow lilies – hatred and aversion to humans.
  • Japanese camellia is a slight superiority.
  • Yellow Chrysanthemums – Rejected Love.
  • Hydrangea – rudeness, insensibility.
  • Anemones – disease, grief.
  • White carnations – contempt, hatred.
  • Yellow carnations are a deep disappointment.

Of course, you can give and 1 flower or bouquet, consisting of flowers of the same type. But the hero of the occasion will be truly pleased if you select a composition for her that will reveal your multifaceted feelings for her.

Practical gifts

Practical gifts are always appreciated, because this is not just a manifestation of respect and attention, but a desire to facilitate and simplify life. In order to better determine the category of the presentation, try to gently and gently ask the jubilee what she would like to receive or what is missing in the household. If you often enter her house, you can just watch what would be useful and like a person dear to you.

For example, if a woman is a lover of embroidery, then it would be advisable to give her a large set for needlework, or a beautiful embroidered handmade picture. If the hero of the day loves to cook and often pleases her loved ones with culinary masterpieces, then you should think about buying kitchen utensils and equipment.

Slow cooker

Nothing can make life easier for someone who often cooks like a slow cooker. This invention not only simplifies the everyday kitchen routine, but also saves a lot of time that can be devoted to sports, walking, meeting friends or taking care of yourself. What could be simpler is to put the products in the multicooker, set the timer and after a while take the already prepared, mouth-watering dish. Such a gift will show how you really care about the hero of the anniversary, and want to make her life easier and more colorful.

Coffee machine

A sip of coffee in the morning is a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day. If the jubilee is crazy about this drink, then you can present her with a coffee machine as a present. With such a gift there will be no need to stand at the stove, waiting for the coffee to boil in the Turk. And a person dear to your heart will be able to indulge every day with exquisite cappuccino, Americano, latte, espresso and all that you wish.

Bread maker

In adulthood, women love to cook sweet pastries in order to treat their children, grandchildren, friends and just guests every day. In this case, the bread machine will be a great gift for a significant date – 55 years. It will allow you to create real culinary masterpieces without much hassle – baking Easter cakes, ruddy homemade bread, muffins and much more. In addition, this device will significantly save on the daily purchase of bread and sweets for tea. Any woman who likes to bake will appreciate such a gift.


Scientists-nutritionists have long established that the daily use of freshly squeezed juices positively affects the human immunity and level of health, in general. Such a useful and practical gift as a juicer will be appreciated not only by the hero of the anniversary, but also by her entire family. Presenting a juicer as a gift, you will show not just attention, but real concern for the health of this person. And so that the birthday girl could enjoy the juices in the cold season, you can give her a juicer. This kitchen appliance will help preserve homemade vitamin juices for a long time.

Beautiful tea set

Everyone knows that women with special awe relate to beautiful holiday utensils. A service is an item that is often passed down from generation to generation and also adorns the sideboard of a sideboard. Presenting such a luxurious gift, you will make sure that the woman can proudly get your gift to the festive events and warmly tell the guests about it. The main thing is to choose it in accordance with the taste of the hero of the day. There are a lot of options: designer sets of non-standard shapes and colors, classic sets and much more.

Needlework gifts

55 years is a life stage when the most important life matters have already been successfully completed. So why not devote this time to creativity and self-development?

Embroidery kits

Embroidery is not just a hobby, it is also a way to relieve stress and relaxation. If you noticed that the hero of the day is crazy about this activity, and in her house there are a lot of embroidered paintings, napkins and pillows, then this gift option is for you. Do-it-yourself things have special value and energy, therefore, your dear person will remember your gift with warmth for a long time to come. The assortment of such sets will satisfy even the most demanding tastes – a huge selection of drawings, patterns, paintings and picture frames for any wallet.

Drawing kits

Each person at least once in his life dreamed of feeling like a great artist and creating his own masterpiece. And it is not necessary to be able to draw beautifully for this – in the modern world, paintings have been invented that can be painted by yourself along the line of the dotted line. Such a gift will delight any woman, especially if she likes to decorate her home with hand-made objects. And be sure, the picture you donated will definitely become a matter of pride, and will hang in the place of honor.

Sewing machine

A sewing machine should be in every home. It is literally indispensable in everyday life, therefore it is useful not only for creating new models of clothes, but also for everyday purposes. Modern sewing machines can greatly simplify life and minimize human involvement in the process. This is a very pleasant and practical gift for any woman of 55 years. And who knows, maybe after that she will discover design abilities and even release her own clothing line?

Interior Items

Decorating your own home is an occupation that is inherent in every person. Such status gifts are valued in a special way, they are proud of and exhibited at home for all to see.


The painting, written by a good artist, always aroused awe and admiration among art lovers. And if the birthday girl is crazy about painting, then this can become a good gift, which in her family will be passed on from generation to generation. In addition, you can make a woman doubly pleased – order her portrait from the artist. If finances do not allow this, then you can make a beautiful photo portrait, which will also be to your taste.


55 years is a memorable date, and a gift in honor of it should be luxurious. A clock is not just an interior decoration, it is also a practical gift. Unusual designer watches, stylish minimalist or classic with walkers – the range is very wide. And believe me, the warm memory of you will remain with the birthday girl for a long time.

Music Box

The music box is a cute little thing that can touch even the most strict and serious person. In addition, it is not without practicality – in this item you can conveniently store photographs, jewelry or any other little things dear to the heart.

Jewelry box

Usually, at age 55, a woman accumulates a sufficient amount of precious jewelry that she wears on holidays and every day. And for luxurious jewelry it is necessary to have a no less luxurious casket. The material for it can be different – be it wood, metal, porcelain or even glass. Indoor fountain A room fountain is not just a whim. These beautiful decor items fit perfectly into any interior and become its real highlight. A melodic transfusion of water, in addition, reduces stress and relaxes.

Digital photo frame

Each of us has bright and joyful moments that are captured on film. But, unfortunately, all photographs cannot be framed in any way. In this case, the electronic photo frame will help out well. A woman of 55 years old will be very pleased to view photos of her children, grandchildren and just loved ones in this way.

Clothing Items & Shoes

It is customary to give shoes, clothes and other personal items only to well-known and close people. Otherwise, you may pass for ignorance.

Set of thermal underwear

A set of thermal underwear is an excellent gift that will demonstrate your care for a dear person, his health and well-being. Older people often freeze, so they will be very happy with such a convenient and practical gift.


What woman does not dream of a luxurious fur coat or coat? Such a gift will perfectly emphasize your attitude and reverence for the birthday girl, as well as warm in severe cold. However, before you go to a fur or boutique salon, try to find out exactly the size of the heroin’s outerwear.

Designer shoes / boots

Who came up with the idea that retired women should only wear comfortable slippers? Surprise the birthday girl by presenting her with a pair of beautiful shoes or boots. She definitely formed such a gift, because a woman remains a woman at any age, and wants to be always beautiful. One caveat – if the hero of the occasion prefers low-soled shoes, then giving her tall hairpins is clearly not worth it.

A bag

Down with string bags and shapeless trunks! A beautiful leather bag is something that in no way can better emphasize the sophistication of an expensive hero of the day. Believe me, she will accept this accessory with admiration and gratitude.

Beauty & Health Gifts

Hydro massager

Massage is good for anyone at any age. And in mature years – even more so. Give the woman a massage apparatus and in this way you will not only express your admiration for her, but also take care of her well-being.


A bicycle is a universal vehicle that anyone will love. Shopping trips, walks in the country and to the country, believe me, a birthday girl will definitely appreciate such a present and will be very grateful to you. In addition, cycling is a great way to keep your body and muscles toned.


People aged often suffer from high blood pressure. Therefore, if you are in a close and confidential relationship with the birthday girl, you can purchase a tonometer for her. Such a gift will be ideal for a person who carefully monitors his health.

Food and drink

In order to present presentations from this category, you should be well aware of the tastes of the hero of the day, her preferences and characteristics of the body. For example, it would be inappropriate to give collectors wine to a non-drinker, and sweets to diabetics.

A selection of quality chocolate

If a woman loves sweets, then she will definitely be crazy about such a gift. A basket or box of quality chocolate is guaranteed to cheer up the birthday girl and light sparks of happiness in the eyes. Just remember that chocolate must be of high quality (you can Belgian, Swiss or French). You can also order a personalized set of chocolate products.

Fine Wine Collection

In moderate doses, wine improves blood circulation and heart function. This exquisite gift will surely appeal to connoisseurs of the drink from the vine. In addition, you can order engraved inscribed glasses and a personal bottle of wine. And a special chic will be the offering of wine of that collection year in which the hero of the day was born.

Big birthday cake

Such a gift will appeal to not only the hero of the occasion, but also to all its guests at the celebration. Modern confectioners work wonders, so you can always order a magnificent cake, decorated with figures, flowers, and even the image of the birthday girl herself!

Quality Tea / Coffee Set

This presentation option can also rightly be called luxurious. Many varieties of tea or coffee, arrived from all over the world and packed in beautiful boxes or bags, will not leave anyone indifferent. Such a present will be used only on special occasions and will present many pleasant moments and memories.

Cool gifts and souvenirs

The selection of this type of gifts should be treated with caution. Not all women at this age have a sufficient sense of humor to laugh at the present from the heart. We bring to your attention a list of neutral gifts and souvenirs that will appeal to any birthday girl.

T-shirt with the image of grandchildren / children

This nice thing will be a reminder of how dear you are to mom / grandmother or aunt. Each time she puts on such a T-shirt, her soul will become warmer and her mood will improve.

Commemorative medals / certificates / diplomas

You probably saw your friends ’certificates or diplomas, on the cover of which their personal qualities were confirmed. Let the birthday girl not be deprived of attention on her 55th birthday and receive the well-deserved awards of “The Best Mommy in the World”, “The Most Hardworking Colleague”, “The Wonderful Wife” and even “Beloved Mother-in-law”.

Personalised Pillow

Such things will be a pleasant gift for almost any person, because this is a way to capture moments of joy and happiness forever. Such objects will always be in sight, and cheer up even on the most gloomy day

Budget gifts with taste

What to do if you were invited to a birthday, but, as luck would have it, “your wallet has seen better days”? To refuse a birthday girl will be extremely impolite, but it is also impossible to come without a gift to such an important event. Do not be discouraged, there are great ideas for 55-year-old women presenting that won’t hit even the most modest budget.

Fruit basket

Fruits are tasty and healthy, and if they are also packed with taste, it is stylish and beautiful! Having presented a basket of fruits, you will delight the hero of the day, as you demonstrate care for her health and well-being. The only thing is to find a beautiful basket or box and style it in style.

Knitted sweater and socks

If you know how to knit, then such a present will cost you a mere penny. The hero of the occasion will surely be very pleased to wear warm clothes that were made with love and especially for her. If you don’t know how to knit, then this does not matter – in the store you can buy goods of any style, color and size.

Home-made cake

The best gift is one that is made with your own hands. You can show your well-developed imagination by experimenting with pastry dough, cream or decorating a finished pastry. Believe me, the hero of the occasion is herself, and her guests will be delighted with your skill.

Gifts to Avoid

Presenting gifts, one should nevertheless observe subordination. Even the most harmless, presented from the heart of the present can greatly hurt the feelings of a woman of 55 years. To avoid this, avoid the following categories of gifts (especially if you are not close): medicines, anti-wrinkle and slimming products, anti-cellulite exercise machines, plastic surgeon subscriptions, pets.

Thematic videos

The girl talks about the latest trends in the world of gifts. Top 10 best gifts: a DIY item, video greetings, a cover for a mobile phone, an album for photos, etc.

An example of congratulations of the anniversary of her friends. A simple scenario for congratulating a woman for 55 years.

55 years is a new stage in the life of every woman. Therefore, the present for the anniversary should be memorable, “with the soul.” In order to choose a gift, consider the nature of the woman, as well as her interests and hobbies. If it’s impossible to guess exactly, don’t be upset, because the main thing is attention and care.

Craig Sandeman

Craig Sandeman is South Africa’s go-to guru for all things gift-giving, blending psychology and cultural insights to curate perfect presents. A Cape Town native with a global perspective, he’s renowned for his blog, workshops, and media features that delve into the art and science of thoughtful gifting. If you’re ever stumped on finding the ideal gift, Craig’s expert advice is your ticket to gifting success.

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