Valentines Day Gifts¬†¬†‚̧ԳŹ

Searching for Valentine‚Äôs Day gift ideas for somebody special for February 14th? We have been working hard ensuring we’ve the best Valentine‚Äôs Day gifts for each and every recipient!

In case you are searching for last-minute Valentine‚Äôs gifts for your wife or presents for your girlfriend have just what you will want. We’ve freshly picked red roses in a selection wonderful bouquets and of spectacular arrangements. We have other artistic and extraordinary flowers should roses not be to your preference. Go all the way and deliver Valentine‚Äôs roses with something a bit more! We’ve personalised gifts for her, Valentine‚Äôs chocolates for her and also freshly baked goodies!


Valentines Day Gift Ideas

An original gift for Valentine’s Day

Trying to find a present for him? Discover our extraordinary array of Valentine‚Äôs gift ideas for men! Why don’t you make Valentine‚Äôs Day 2021 personalised by delivering him a present with his name imprinted on it? There are all sorts of personalised gifts for him on offer, from personalized gadgets to personalized alcohol! Why don’t you likewise incorporate a tasty Valentine‚Äôs Day treat? You can never make a mistake with a crate, tray or box of chocolates or a hamper with his much-loved biltong!

Purchasing on a tight budget? We’ve presents under R200, gift ideas under R400 and gifts under R600! If you’re searching to spend money to impress the guy who you care about, look no further than Hamperlicious Valetines gifts. Regardless of present, we‚Äôll send to your significant other. Sameday delivery in addition to countrywide delivery! Regardless of where your lover resides, Hamperlicious will deliver Valentine‚Äôs gifts straight to them!

Find a Valentine's Day Gift 2021

Find a Valentine’s Day Present 2021

On¬†February 14, 2021¬†will be the perfect opportunity to delight your sweetheart or your loved one.¬†In a couple, it is not always easy to find the ideal gift: a gift to match your feelings (and yours!).¬†The task was already complicated, a few weeks ago, when you had to find a Christmas present for your darling.¬†But then there, finding an original gift for Valentine’s Day is High Level!¬†Browse our special selection and offer an unforgettable gift, which exceeds all expectations!¬†We offer a¬†large selection of unique gift ideas, trends, quirky and unusual to offer and please.¬†Did you know that the most offered Valentine’s Day present ideas are either a box of chocolates (in the shape of a heart of course), a bouquet of roses, a teddy bear, a jewel or lingerie?¬†Not very original all that … Suffice to say that these are classics.¬†Of course, chocolate is delicious and receiving flowers is fun.¬†But it is not very surprising. Our¬†Valentine’s Day gifts are original¬†, unique and romantic!¬†We offer you amazing gifts that do not come from the supermarket next door.

What gift should you give your man (or wife) for Valentine’s Day?

You think you have visited all types of gifts: flowers, chocolates, socks, ties, rings, box, gift card, bracelet, item of clothing or earrings … Well, think again!¬†You still have a lot to offer your loved one.¬†For this, opt for the Hamperlicious solution, the only e-shop specializing in original Valentine’s Day gifts to offer to your man or woman!¬†A wide selection of gifts¬†for all tastes,¬†for Him and for Her.¬†The idea behind the feast of lovers is to celebrate love and to offer a gift or a little attention that comes from the heart.

Looking for a gift for your wife:

Dear gentlemen, if you think that your sweetheart, your sweetheart, your fiancée, your girlfriend (or your lover) is not a follower of this commercial celebration, know that this is not a reason for not giving it ANYTHING. They count on your invaluable generosity. And in any case, it must match the tastes of your lover. Women can be demanding. And one thing is certain: a box of chocolates or a rose will certainly not surprise her. So think about a gift for women or a particularly original romantic gift.

Looking for a gift for your man:

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day present for your boyfriend?¬†Dear ladies, if you think Valentine’s Day only exists for men to give their wives a gift, think again.¬†Your darling, your husband, your fianc√©, your lover, or your lover¬†(we will be discreet) will also like to receive a¬†Valentine’s Day present for men.¬†Men too are romantic and will certainly appreciate a personalized Valentine’s Day gift from you.

Where to find a cheap gift for your man?

Four golden rules must be respected: the surprise must be either funny, exceptional, or come from the heart. 

And as we also like DIY gift ideas, we have published many DIY tutorials and ideas on our blog.

Celebrate tenderness in 2021

Okay, Valentine’s Day is above all the celebration of love.¬†But back to the base of the base … What is love?¬†Do not worry, the idea is not to remember your bad memories of philosophy, which date from high school.¬†Without commenting on the subject, this question about love is relevant in your quest for the ideal Valentine’s gift.¬†You really have to try to answer it, this will give you clues about what you really want to present to your other half.¬†Offering a gift for your Valentine or for your Valentine is also a way to¬†celebrate the tenderness in your relationship, the good humor that reigns between you and all those little moments of complicity that you share together.¬†You are often absent and you seek to¬†be forgiven¬†with¬†a Valentine’s Day present that marks the occasion?¬†It’s also an opportunity to catch up and show that you love him.

When you’re a teenager too, you have the right to give yourself gifts!

You are only 17 years old and you would like to give a small gift to your boyfriend / girlfriend or your best friend without being cheesy ?

Any advice for your Valentine’s Day party?

Magnify the moment you have chosen to give him your small package.¬†Candles, candlelit dinner, romantic dinner, rose petals or a romantic bath: there is no shortage of ideas!¬†It may be traditional but you will see, these are sure values ‚Äč‚Äčthat always have their small effect.¬†2021 is going to start well!

Romantic gifts for a quirky Valentine’s Day!

Not a fan of kitsch Valentine’s Day gifts?

This is good, neither do we get carried away!¬†We love everything that is funny and fun at the same time.¬†For February 14, find on our shop full of original Valentine’s Day gift ideas, funny and which will also be a¬†great proof of love: personalized posters, gourmet gifts, well-being, geek¬†and many others!¬†Don’t wait any longer and discover the best offers for Valentine’s Day!¬†And damn, who said you can’t be romantic for Valentine’s Day.¬†It is precisely the day when we can afford to offer a somewhat romantic surprise.¬†All lovers around the world open their hearts and surprise their treasure with one or more beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts.¬†If you have not found a gift idea, or have not had the time to search (it happens), you will find in our shop many¬†romantic gift ideas¬†for Valentine’s Day and original for the occasion.

Why choose a personalised gift?

When you think about it a little more, why such an abbreviation?¬†As if the word “saint” was not short enough like that!¬†The answer is simple: it brings a touch of modernity!¬†It is likely to please if it is special, in tune with the times and even personalised.¬†And seeing the surprise in the eyes of his princess or her prince charming is priceless!¬†Of course, just the fact that you are looking for something to offer shows that there is a lot of love and romance in you.¬†Valentine’s Day gifts are not just gifts from the heart.¬†They are also often¬†personalised or customizable gifts.

After all, what could be better than a gift that is adapted to the recipient, who will have been chosen particularly for him, personified for her?

Tell your story on a poster, write the name of your sweetheart on a notebook or the date of your meeting on a mug … On Hamperlicious, you can personalize your Valentine’s Day gifts individually.¬†Choose your color, your text, your design, your image, your photo.¬†In short, be unique!¬†Express your love with a¬†personalised¬†gift¬†made by¬†yourself.

Is your boyfriend a geek?

There, you say to yourself: “What am I going to be able to get¬†from my Geek man¬†for Valentine’s Day?” Have you thought of games, or a high tech gift?¬†When we say games … erotic or romantic games of course ūüôā

A gift for him or a Valentines Day gift for her?

There are two types of gifts for Valentine’s Day but also for all other occasions such as birthdays, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day: mixed gifts and non-mixed gifts.¬†Let it be said once and for all, you are able to buy chocolate anuses, but not from our store! (yes you read correctly).¬†They are not a¬†gourmet pleasure reserved for women or men.¬†Everyone is likely to enjoy these delicious little treats.¬†Except maybe the kids, but that’s not the problem!¬†Because after all, it’s not really at 12 that you celebrate Valentine’s Day!¬†Yes?¬†Okay, there are all the same these little Valentine’s cards, these little toys or touching objects that the children exchange.¬†So adorable!¬†But that doesn’t go any further, let’s face it!

If on the other hand, you are a future dad and your wife is pregnant, then it would be good to think of a Valentine’s Day gift a little less suggestive.

Stock up on Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Have you read this far?¬†Now take note of our summary and Valentine’s Day will pass like a letter to the Post!

–¬†Offer a Valentine’s present¬†consistent with their tastes and passions – the principle of the gift is not that you like it, but your loved one, right?¬†Unless the surprise is for your couple.

РGo for something original! This has been scientifically proven: the couples who stay together the longest are the couples who continue to surprise each other. Your offering must take into account this very important criterion.

– Keep it simple.¬†Do not take the lead because after all, it is often the things not too expensive that please the most.¬†It¬†is often a good idea to¬†offer a¬†small Valentine’s Day gift with a small budget.

What is the best way to make a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Once you have found the right gift, you still need to know how to give it to your darling. First, find the right time. As we said the romantic dinner is a very good opportunity. Otherwise, you can opt for other moments during your romantic evening. Like after a relaxing massage, a bath with candles or before going to the restaurant or the cinema. Then there is the art of giving a gift. Make the suspense last a little with your sweetheart. You could, for example, blindfold him to make him guess his gift using touch, smell or taste!

Happy Valentine’s 2021!