Portable Desk Fridge South Africa

Whether you work in an office cubicle that’s just a little too far from the staff room or you’re a college student looking to upgrade their dorm, a mini desk fridge is an excellent addition to any space that’s not roomy enough to fit a full-sized refrigerator. They’re ideal for storing drinks, snacks, daily lunches and leftovers but they can also store perishable items for a few days at a time!

More About Desk Fridges
Buying a portable desk fridge can be an excellent decision if you are someone who loves going on excursions or if you make long trips in your car. Mini desk fridges closely resemble a conventional cooler, however, these are not limited only to maintaining the temperature of food and beverages, since when connected to a 12V power supply they are capable of generating enough cold to cool and keep refrigerated food.

You may wonder why you should invest more money in a desk fridge if with a cheap cooler box you can achieve similar results. Well, the truth is that even cheap portable refrigerators offer a number of interesting advantages over conservative cooler boxes.

In principle, portable refrigerators are capable of cooling products that are preserved to the climate themselves, this can be achieved with the coolers but it is necessary to fill them with ice, which can limit the storage capacity by almost 60% and also produces lots of melted water. In the case of portable camping fridges it is possible to load all kinds of cold food and drinks by simply connecting it to the car’s cigarette lighter.

Contrary to what you might imagine at first, buying a portable fridge or camping fridge can result in a somewhat complex task, certainly much more than when buying a wine cellar, in which we only have to look at the size, weight and The internal storage capacity.

How does a Portable Desk Fridge work?

The operation of portable refrigerators is practically identical to that of a common domestic refrigerator. However, there are two cooling systems in this equipment:

The most robust models work with a small gas compressor that is able to cool and keep products fresh with ease. These models tend to be much more expensive and costly than the others.

In the second case, the simplest portable refrigerators produce cold thanks to a simple techno-electric system that generates a moderate amount of cold. While it is true that they are less powerful than compressor models, they are usually sufficient to cool drinks and preserve food, they are also much cheaper and easier to transport since they do not have the additional weight of an air compressor. These desk fridge models are perfect for a day at the beach or a camping in the mountains.