Mother’s Day Gifts & Ideas 2024

Extend your heart to her with an incredible range of Mother’s Day gifts online―from bouquets of flowers and gorgeous gift baskets to keepsake picture frames, unique jewelry, delicious chocolate truffles and so much more. There’s no better way to show Mom how much you appreciate her than with an array of beautiful flowers or gifts from Hamperlicious.

Flowers For Mom

Flowers are a wonderful way to show your mother how much you care on Mother’s Day. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that should not be missed. For a mother, a bouquet of flowers is a representation of deep feeling; she will sense the warmth and love that is being showered on her. Any time of year, but especially on Mother’s Day, is an ideal time to show your mother just how much you appreciate her. View our whole selection of flowers for Mother’s Day.

Featured Mother’s Day Gifts

When Is It Mother’s Day?

This year, Mother’s Day will be held on Sunday, 8th May 2022 and at Hamperlicious, we make sure to celebrate Mother’s Day as it should be. That’s why you will find on this page the best personalised Mothers Day gift ideas to offer to your mom without restraint! After all, it’s a day entirely dedicated to her, so it’s an opportunity for you to show her all the love you have for her. And what better than a personalised gift?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A long time ago was the time when you made your Mother’s Day gifts by yourself… Yet your mother was happy to receive a handmade gift made especially for her. At Hamperlicious, we carry on this little ritual with our original personalised gifts for mom. By personalizing your gift with her name, a Happy Mother’s Day, a message full of tenderness, or a photo of you or your brothers and sisters, you give you a choice to create something unique.

For a hungry mother: If you recognize your mom there, it is because you are one of the lucky ones who regularly taste the good food that she concocts. This year for Mother’s Day, surprise her by offering her an original gift related to the world of cooking and gluttony! Give Mom some cookie jar with her name that you can fill with her favorite treats. If cooking is a real pleasure at home, make a choice to offer him our personalised super mom apron with her name.

For a mom who likes to take care of her: Offering a jewel is certainly a gift for mothers classic for Mother’s Day but is nevertheless very popular with them. This year, you can choose to offer a personalized jewel: gold plated, silver or crystal; everything is possible! Imprint it with her name … or why not that of yours and that of your brothers and/or sisters. Make your gem gift even more original by adding a customizable jewelry box of her name or her photo.

For a mom who likes to decorate:

If your mom loves to decorate her house, then take a look at our decorating gifts: photo gifts, scented candles, hanging slates, cushions, vases, picture frames … there’s something for everyone, all colors and everything is customizable. As we know, you like to offer a bouquet of flowers to your mother, surprise her with a personalized vase, such as the Love oval vase inlaid with Swarovski® Crystals.

An eternal rose for your Mom

Mother’s Day is an important and symbolic day for your mom, and it is not always easy to give her a unique gift every time. Yet, the gift you are preparing to give her will reflect all the love between her and you: a precious and unique relationship to the world. Therefore, you must find a wonderful gift to celebrate this very important day. Among our many precious gifts, our big rose in 24-carat gold and its customizable box is one of our most appreciated gifts. Also, treat it with our eternal rose and customizable eternal petal of the message “Happy Mother’s Day”: protected in their secret box, this beautiful gift will delight your mother.

Be sure to please even at the last minute!
You have thought a long time about your ideal Mother’s Day gift all through the month of May, and you are still late … You have not ordered anything, and you may be thinking of buying a gift bought on the spot.

Do not panic: we do our best to deliver your gifts before a specific date. That’s why we promise that your gifts will be delivered in 24h. Thus, you will be able to sleep, and your original and personalized gift will be received in time!

More Info On Mother's Day Gifts

Send Mothers Day gifts to South Africa Wide.

In our personal gift range, we have a wide catalogue that adapts to your needs so that on this special day, you do not have to know what to give to your mother.

Create a personalized gift with a special photo and make her happy. We have many original personalized gifts: bags, mugs, foulards, watches … and much more! Also, there are gifts for all pockets, and all are of quality.

What to give on Mother’s Day

We have many different ideas and options, but we tell you what the best Mother’s Day gifts are to facilitate the search.

Personalised gifts that we sell best this day are: bracelets, the personalized story “My Mom”, original wallets and purses, shirts, mugs with phrases or photos, personalized agendas, silver jewellery, customizable bags, polar blankets, pendants and necklaces, calendars, foulards and other scarves … Have you seen how much variety? And we have left many ideas, but browsing our online gift shop, you can find everything.

Gifts for mothers of 60 years

A gift mother and daughter is always beautiful. For that reason, we have a series of products that we know with a total guarantee that they love. Custom foulards are a novel and breakthrough option. Thus your handkerchief will be exclusive and unique.

Have you been a grandmother? Then we have the right solution for you. A personalized story “My grandmother” is something extraordinary and with which you will be thrilled to receive it.

Gifts for mothers of 50 years

When a mother enters the golden age, it is always special. And they are worth gold. That’s why we give you gift ideas for mothers that suit what you’re looking for.

Mother’s Day bracelets are a good gift to give. We have many personalized jewellery among which you can choose both the design and the form. But where to keep them? Well, in our personalized jeweller. It is handy and exclusive.

The pendants and necklaces of Mother’s Day are also trendy in our catalogue in this type of celebrations. They are fully personalised, just like bracelets, and they love them.

Mother’s Day South Africa

Do you want to know when Mother’s Day is celebrated in South Africa? (since it is the country where we are located). The answer is:

Mother’s Day is celebrated in South Africa on the second Sunday of May of each year.

It is a curious case because it is not a fixed day, such as Father’s Day (always on March 19) or Valentine’s Day (always on February 14). In this case, it can vary and can be any day between May 7th and May 14th, both included whoever touches each year, according to the annual calendar.

In other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates. There is no common day in the world, unlike Valentine’s Day, which is February 14 in any corner of the planet. In the special case of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the days are different in each country. However, some of them may coincide, especially those that are physically closer or more culturally similar.

Origin of Mother’s Day

The first celebrations of Mother’s Day date back to ancient Greece and the ancient Roman Empire.

Later, around the seventeenth century, similar events took place in some Catholic countries, such as England. It was called Domingo de las Madres, and it consisted in that people with fewer resources, who worked for others, received a party on Sunday, went to mass, and returned with a gift for their mothers.
In the 19th century, Mother’s Day was celebrated in South Africa in some cities. Finally, in 1914, the second Sunday of May was officially established as Mother’s Day in South Africa. Other countries adopted this same idea but changing the dates, such as Spain, which celebrates the first Sunday of May.


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