The Sweet Fruit Basket


When it comes to delicious fruit, you can’t go wrong. It’s a great way to celebrate their birthday or just to make their day a little bit better! A medium-sized round gift basket contains three kinds of fruit, such as green and red apples and an orange or peach, as well as a 12-piece assortment of chocolates, including Sally Williams Nougat (80g), Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate (48g), Cadbury Lunch Bar (46g), Cadbury Dipped Flake (32g), apple wedges (100g), mango strips (100g), and a refreshing bottle of Grapetiser red grape juice (1.25L). A bottle of Van Loveren River Red wine or a premium bottle of Pongracz Cap Classique might be substituted for the Grapetiser. Hamperlicious can arrange for this present to be delivered directly to the recipient’s home or office. Hamperlicious will deliver this Sweet Fruit Basket for you.

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