Noa & Co Collagen Creamer – Vanilla

Keep your body and skin healthy with the Noa & Co Collagen Creamer, a creamy drink containing multiple vitamins, low in sugar and lactose-free. It comes in a variety of flavours to suit any taste. Made with medium chain triglycerides for effective weight loss, it can also help improve your muscle tone, helping you stay fit and active. It is Halaal and Kosher certified to be 100% pure and free of artificial colourants, sweeteners or preservatives.



This is a Collagen Creamer with medium chain triglycerides which help with weight loss. It helps to improve performance and endurance. Enriched with collagen from fish, can help improve your muscle tone may assist in slowing the ageing process. With an delectable, creamy vanilla taste. Halaal and Kosher certified. Lowers inflammation in the body. Free of artificial colourants, sweeteners or preservatives.”


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