Fruit with Sparkling Juice and Biltong Gift


Get your loved one a Hamperlicious gift of fruit, sparkling juice, and biltong. Anybody would be delighted with this. Standard, medium, and large straw baskets are offered. 18 pieces of pineapple, green and red apples, pears, bananas, paw-paws, oranges or peaches, as well as 80g beef drowors, 80g sliced beef biltong and 1.25L Grapetiser Grape Juice make up the usual basket. As well as 23 pineapple cubes and 1.25L of Grapetiser Grape Juice, there are also 80g of beef droewors, 80g of beef biltong slices, and 6 green apples and 4 red apples in the medium basket. Assorted fruits and veg are included in the huge fruit basket along with 80g beef droewors, 80g sliced beef biltong and 1.25L Grapetiser Grape Juice. The basket also includes 33 pineapple chunks, red and green apples, pear, bananas, and paw-paws. Seasonal fruits are included in all of the fruit baskets, however they may vary. You may buy this present online right now. Take advantage of Hamperlicious’s delivery service for this Fruit With Sparkling Juice & Biltong Gift.

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