Beauty Gen Naked Collagen Sachets

Beauty Gen Naked Collagen Sachets is a unique combination of hydrolysed Peptan® collagen, calcium and Vitamin C in one convenient pack. Each sachet is sealed in a foil pouch ensuring the product stays fresh until you use it. From the #1 name in beauty supplements, Beauty Gen Naked Collagen Sachets are easy to mix with water or your favourite drink. Try Beauty Gen Naked Collagen Sachets and experience the difference!



Beauty Gen Hydrolysed Collagen is our best selling collagen product, especially among customers seeking to improve their skin structure and soften the appearance of lines. We developed Beauty Gen Naked Hydrolysed Collagen Sachets with the consumer in mind. For maximum convenience, these sachets have no additives, preservatives, colours or flavourings. The sachets are designed for long term storage and neutral taste to mix well with a variety of drinks or foods. We are proud to say that Beauty Gen’s Naked Collagen Sachets are 100% pure hydrolysed collagen, 0 grams added sugar, artificial colours


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