Everyone knows that gift shopping can be a pain, but when it comes to searching for amazing birthday gifts for your husband we have you covered! You want to get him something he will love and enjoy, but you don’t know where to start? This blog post is here to help!

We have created a list of gift ideas that any husband would love. Whether they are looking for something sentimental or just in need of some new clothes, there’s sure to be some birthday gifts for men on this list that he’ll like.

Personalised Hubby Gown

Personalised Hubby Gown

A personalised hubby gown is a gift that will show him how much you love and appreciate everything he does for the family. With his name, date of birth or any other personalised message on it, this gift would be perfect for giving someone who’s always there for you!

Personalised Watch Box

A personalised watch box is a perfect gift for your husband on his birthday. Not only will this remind him of your love and devotion, but it will also highlight some of the fantastic watches you have found for him over the years.

Gift boxes can be bought online, or just about any local shop will do. Just make sure he gets one that has some genuine gold-tone links in it, as that is where he usually gets his money’s worth!

Personalised Best Ever Man Crate

Do you ever wonder to yourself, “What can I do for my husband?” This is our answer: The Personalised Best Ever Man Crate. With the vessel of a wooden crate, your various snacks, and plenty more goodies all carefully packed into one place, this could be just what your other half needs to bring home from his man-venture for Friday night.

You can also personalise the lid with any message you’d like – Want him to know how much you appreciate him? Please give him a great keeper of memories … tell him he’s made an excellent provider or that there’s no one better than him!

Best Husband Hamper for Him

Best Husband Hamper for Him

For the husband that cares, thinks and laughs with you. For the one who always wants to take care of you and loves time spent in bed.

This coffee mug holds tea warm for two hours from its bottom, just like he does when it’s cold outside! He wouldn’t be able to drink all this delicious hot cocoa without spilling it unless he had a place to keep his snack handy (à la best husband ever). Continue browsing for more birthday gifts…

Personalised Superhero Husband Bro Bucket

Personalised Superhero Husband Bro Bucket

Superhero Husbands deserve the best. If they extremely love sweets, spoil them with this personalised bro bucket filled to the brim with treats their other half is sure to love.

Choose from Pringles and Oreo cookies or if your other half prefers some wine, then opt for substituting the chocolate wafer box for 250ml Nederburg Baronne wine – he’ll be so grateful! The only thing that will top off a perfect purchase like this is making it even more special by personalising it with any name and text of your choice.

Personalised Best Husband, Black Tshirt

Personalised Best Husband, Black Tshirt

The Personalised Superhero Husband Bro Bucket T-shirt is made for the man who exerts natural leadership in his relationship.

A generous message of love on this white T-shirt gift will show him how much you care and that he’s your superhero. He’ll love wearing it after all his hard work at being ‘the best husband in the galaxy.’

Personalised Husband Biltong and Nut Tube

This Personalised birthday Husband Biltong and Nut Tube is a wonderful gift for any man in your life. He’ll appreciate the contemporary husband design on the tube, plus these delicious gourmet goodies inside! Enjoy Beef Biltong, Drone Wors, Mixed Nuts and Salted Peanuts with this special treat.

Personalised Husband And Father Note Set

Personalised Husband And Father Note Set

Show dad that you’re extra thankful for him this Father’s Day with our new Personalised Husband And Father Note Set! For a husband and father, it’s not just about the flowers on Dad day – we know there are endless ways to express your gratitude.

Give him a special reason to smile with dads’ favourite quotes personalised by his kids right inside the notebook, or have some fun teasing dad in the memo pad with these silly but funny sentences like “Your face when I get gold medals at swimming lessons”.

Personalised Husband and Wife Charcoal Towel Set

Personalised Husband and Wife Charcoal Towel Set

Give your significant other the gift of never fighting over who has dirty towels! Choose between a towel set or sheet set, so you’re always clean and organised.

Your husband will cherish this beautifully designed and set for years to come because it gives thoughtful meaning with a personal touch. These two 500 GSM Colibrat Towels (70x130cm) are stylish enough to suit any décor, which means that they’re perfect whether you have an upbeat modern home or prefer an understated country style.

Need A Beer Biltong Nuts and Beer Glass Gift

Slip him a Need A Beer Gift! You’ll be helping yourself and your husband by providing an extra beer mug, 100g Biltong, 100g Droëwors, and mixed nuts. In the optional pack, you can choose from Castle Lite 500ml x 2pack or 100% imported chorizo smoked sausage for a more exotic choice.

Personalised Harley Printed Beer Crate

You’ll raise a toast to this creative personalised Harley printed beer crate, which is made from raw wood and includes your choice of either six glass Coke bottles (200ml), six bottles of Castle Lite, or an assortment of Devils Peak First Light Golden Ale and Jack Black Craft Lager.

The crate design features the name you choose in trademarked lettering as well as a date that shows the receiver will always remember when they got this fabulous gift! You can send this beer crate straight to your husband, so he’ll never forget how much you care for him – order now same-day delivery throughout South Africa.

La Motte Millenium and Lindt Gift

The perfect way to spoil any occasion! Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, an anniversary surprise or want something to show someone you care, this is it!

Celebrate with 1 bottle of La Motte Millenium and Lindt milk chocolate (100g), plus the option of adding in a wine box. Alternatively, get 50ml of La Motte Millennium and 1 bottle each of both white and red wines for that heartfelt toast.

Personalised Classic Socks

If your husband has a love and admiration for classic cars, he will think that these socks are by far the coolest around. Your guy will appreciate a unique gift that is personal to him. Having his name on them means you won’t have to worry about not knowing which ones are yours!

Personalised Busby Pygmy Brown Billfold Wallet

This elegant leather wallet is perfect for your husband. It will make it easy for him to keep track of his credit cards, cash and coins with 3 pockets that fit up to 6 cards each.

With a tab closing, he can easily take the wallet in and out of pants or jacket pockets without fear of spilling anything. Even cooler, you can personalise this manly accessory by having it embossed with any name on the outside! You’ve just found a thoughtful gift he’ll adore for years to come, so order today!

Bonsai Tree in Pottery

Planning gifts for Birthdays is stressful, but make your life easy this year and the next by giving a Bonsai Tree. Bonsai Trees are exotic yet graceful plants that add an outstanding sight to any living space or office.

This miniature Ficus Pseudo Bonsai comes in a square styled pottery container and provides an elegant natural decoration. Let’s not forget about it being perfect for any occasion or time of year!

Snack and Wine Filled Man Crate

Snack and Wine Filled Man Crate

The Snack and Wine Filled Man Crate is a one-of-a-kind crate that will satisfy even the most discerning palate! You’ll find great snacks, like beef stokkies, Droë Wors, biltong pillowcase and marvellous mixed nuts, as well as sweets like Lindt Balls Milk in red wrapping or Dark in black wrapping.

The wine crates are incredible, too; choose between standard or large options that also include two bottles of La Motte Millennium or Rupert & Rothschild Classique.

This manly man crate has gift-wrapped appeal with all your favourite treats for a winter night indoors!

Classic Variety Man Crate

WOW, your husband this year with a Classic Variety Man Crate! This great gift box includes everything he needs to enjoy his favourite foods and drinks: Whiskey Glasses, Ferrero Rochers, and 12-year Singleton. These make perfect birthday gifts or Father’s Day gift for the classy guy in your life.

Black Refreshment Station Desk Fridge

This 4-liter Bos Black Refreshment Station Desk Fridge will be your husband’s ultimate kick for work! Just fill it up with the best of his tasks – like a map point to the shower, sticky notes, and that all-time favourite podcast.

Or you can get creative and choose to stock him with refreshing drinks so he’ll never have to go out into that stuffy cubicle again! Whatever you pick, this funny desk fridge is sure to keep your man distracted from those long study hours or tedious hours at work. In other words, it comes fully stocked with lemons on tap!

Birthday Cookie Tube Surprise

Celebrate your husband’s birthday in style with the Birthday Cookie Tube Surprise! Filled with 20 mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies, this gift is the perfect way to wish him a happy day.

Order one for your man and pair it with a ‘Happy Birthday’ balloon or teddy bear, so he gets hugs to go along with his treat- there’s nothing like it!

Chocolate Pinata Cake

Commemorate your husbands birthday with this chocolate pinata cake from the best online bakery. This deep, dark and delicious layered treat will put a smile on his face. It’s made with love and filled with all of the sweet treats he loves most, including bar one blocks of gorgeous milk chocolate crumbles, Milky Bar chunks of luscious white confectionery and classic Chocolate Chip Biscuits to burst out from the centre after his first slice!

Treat him to our best-selling Pinata Cake, which is perfect for giving as part of a gift basket or wrapped up in an individual presentation box – it comes topped in tasty Butter Icing, which can be personalised with your husband’s name when you order. It’s the perfect present for him!

Personalised Birthday Cupcakes for Him

For a special occasion and a wonderful man in your life. We offer a decadent double chocolate and vanilla cupcake that invites everyone to bite and indulge in this tasty treat.

No matter who he is, boy wizard or office rebel, these personalized birthday cakes for men are sure to please the special someone’s sweet tooth on their day of celebration—order before 12 pm for same-day delivery.

Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water has a fresh and sharp scent suitable for the elegant man in your life. Designed by experts, this EDT comes with 120ml of pure blissfully masculine fragrance.

This modern classic features jasmine and sandalwood while paying tribute to Davidoff’s heritage; the green nuances are complemented with minty undertones. Whether you’re buying this as a gift or have it shipped directly to yourself, there is no other option than this embodiment of masculinity.

A gift to spice things up just before your date night, perhaps?

Personalised Mens Professional Red Wash Bag

Personalised Men’s Wash Bag

This is one of the most thoughtful birthday gifts for your husband who needs a special treat but don’t worry if he has everything. You can still make him feel loved with his first gift, where you get to personalise it with his initials and surname and a personal message from you.

With a black toiletry bag made of high-quality material and embroidered in gold thread for an added style, not only will he love that there are matching accessories too.

Personalised Still Swinging Golf Balls

When is the last time you got a personalised present for your husband? What are they always looking to do on their next golf game? 

These are the best birthday gifts for special occasions that will inspire them to Still Swing! Add creativity and originality with the Personalised Golf ball. This birthday gift idea features include: styled after a 1940’s peak hat, bright green tassel keychain, and personalized message of your choosing.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Natural Shape

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Natural Shape

Lives life in perpetual stress? Bless your husband’s home with the soothing, cleansing glow of this highly-charged Himalayan salt lamp and let him know what you’re working on while he’s studying or working late.

Evoking a sense of tranquillity and safety within the domestic sphere, these lamps make unique gifts. Helping to negate harmful electromagnetic frequencies throughout his home, it acts as an ioniser whilst emitting gorgeous blue strains that bring peace into any situation.

So snuggle up next to ’em with a warm cup of tea and enjoy the glowing warmth from the salty positivity they’ve brought into your family home!

We offer More Than Just Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas!

We offer a range of anniversary gifts for husbands too! So if you are looking for a good gift that will last a lifetime, then our gift baskets and gift boxes are your best choice. It is the perfect gift for any occasion, and it will be delivered right to your door.

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