Birthday Cakes South Africa

Are you looking for a special cake for a birthday? You are in the right place! Here you will find birthday cakes with many themes, such as Happy Birthday Cakes, Deluxe Cakes in the shape of a Digit, Theme Cakes, and 21st Birthday cakes; we all have what you need! What’s better than a delicious cake as a birthday present?

If you want a little more fun, go for our cakes! You will make the birthday party a success! Everyone knows a cake-free birthday party is not a party after all! The cake is often the centerpiece of this special day! That’s why we created a particular category!

Our Birthday Cakes Are The Best!

Find all the special birthday cakes on this page; there is something for everyone, for all tastes and all styles! Finish the exact traditional cake every year, and vary the pleasures with our different types of cakes! Our original designs will make your birthday party a success! Our artisans put all their love into making our cakes, which is why they always make a sensation!

If a person ever tells you it’s too early in the morning to eat cake, you must tell them off! One does not need those opposing opinions in a person’s lifetime.

You do not need a reason to enjoy cake, but buying a cake for a particular event leads to less judgment from others. Select from an array of decorations and sponge flavors.

A few styles are straightforward and stylish, while others are more sophisticated. There’s a cake for any occasion or personal event. This cake can be personalized and delivered throughout South Africa to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, and much more. View all our personalized gifts.

Order Cake Online From Hamperlicious

Personalised Chocolate Pinata birthday CakeWhether you prefer a motif cake, a figurine cake, a sublime cake, or a cake of a unique shape, we have a wide range of possibilities to please the most significant number of our customers! Our deluxe cakes are made with incredible precision and care, making them exceptional and sublime. Our themed cakes are covered with almond paste printed on the chosen motif; our figurine cakes work on the same principle; a figurine on the theme is added. To be totally in the article, we created Happy Birthday cakes; no reason to go wrong; this cake will be a pleasure!

We have a wide range of products allowing you to find THE perfect cake for your birthday or that of a family member or your friends! Because birthdays are special days, we pay full attention to the realization of our products. If you are looking for exceptional and extraordinary birthday cakes, you are, of course, in the right place; you can find among our proposals present on our website your perfect birthday cake, which will make the eyes of your guests shine and which will surely be an unforgettable moment.

Do not hesitate to make a purchase! You are here at the right website! Take the plunge and order directly from our online gift store! If you still want to have an exceptional cake for your birthday, you’ll find it here! Sublime and delicious cakes created especially for you to celebrate this special day! For more information on our cakes, look a little further down; you will find all the details about our cakes, almond paste, printing, storage, delivery, and decoration; everything is indicated! You have to choose the cake that will best suit your party and let you guide you! You will receive your beautiful piece directly at your home!

Food inks

Our food ink printers are ultra-specialized machines for printing on food media. This patented printing technology allows us to print patterns on quality marzipan and fondant. Finally, we cover our cakes with these beautiful printed decorations! Our color pigments have been specially selected to achieve perfect print definition and color rendition without compromising taste or food standards. Food dyes comply with the most stringent standards. All our colors are edible!

Sizes of birthday cakes

Different sizes and flavors are available to suit the most significant number of our customers. Size S for 6 to 8 parts, Size M for 12 to 14 features, or Size L for 25 pieces, or in 2 floors for 18 details and 3 feet for 43 parts! We all have what you need to suit your birthday party, so fit your cake to the number of guests!

Flavor of our birthday cakes

Our cakes make birthday gifts for her and are, of course, available, as for all our other cakes, in 5 different flavors: chocolate/chocolate filling, chocolate/cherry filling, vanilla/nougat filling, vanilla/lemon filling, and vanilla/raspberry filling, the latter is also available in a gluten-free version for the most intolerant of you! Please find the complete list of our ingredients at the bottom of our page; you can discover the list of foods that can be allergenic.

Delivery of cakes

We deliver our cakes in special boxes designed to withstand transport! Safety and quality are guaranteed. Our golden support perfectly complements this unique packaging concept. Delivery anywhere in South Africa from Monday to Friday directly to your home! Delivery is possible on the day of your choice; choose the date when confirming your order! We guarantee you an intact cake on arrival! Our deliveries are generally from 10 am to 6 pm; we can not, unfortunately, give you precise delivery times!

Cake decoration

Looking for a decoration suitable for your birthday cake? So you are exactly in the right place! We offer many decorative items for many occasions directly in our shop’s “Decoration” tab. You want figurines, almond-paste flowers, or sugar-paste animals! Our patterned cakes are distinguished by their simple design, so your creative side can fully stand out!

Also, find our unique decoration sets for a birthday; they exist in pink, gold, or multicolored! We also have decoration sets for your child with the image of their favorite characters! Registration of your choice to personalize your message and to know what your cake would look like with an inscription; you can find the different pictures of our customers in the product description. Attention, registration is not possible on some cakes. To ensure a perfect graphic rendering, we limit your text to 35 characters max. by cake.

As for our photo cakes, you can add your message thanks to the image editor. A word for the person who makes his birthday? No problem! You can slip a small personal expression in the box, printed or written by hand, according to your desire! You can write a message of up to 300 characters and give free rein to your imagination!

Preservation of our birthday cakes

All our cakes are freshly made on the day of shipment; they are kept for seven days after delivery, simply at room temperature! No need to put them in the refrigerator; just put them in your kitchen; you can, of course, leave them in their original box until the moment of tasting! The day you must enjoy your cake with your family, friends, and loved ones!

Order quickly on our online shop, click on the theme of your party, choose your cake and the scent you want, add it to the options you wish to, register, and go! Let you deliver directly to your home; we take care of everything! You must calmly prepare your decoration and wait for your delicious birthday cake at home! You can choose the date and the address of your choice for the cake delivery!


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