We always want to give our friends a meaningful and at the same time interesting gift. But many people are faced with the problem of choice, a wide variety of gift ideas are presented in stores and websites. We tried to collect the most original, necessary and correct ideas that you can bring to life.

In many countries, 21 years is considered the age of maturity, so it is very important to choose the right gift for your best friend. If you put in a little effort, time and imagination, you can create an interesting and at the same time a cheap option for a gift. If you are ready to give joy and leave a good impression, then read on..

Who is your girlfriend?

If you are preparing a gift for your best girlfriend, then you probably know her hobbies and tastes. From this, the choice is greatly simplified, because you have less chance to give something wrong.

21st Birthday Gifts For Girlfriend


We highlight several main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a gift:


There is no universal gift that will suit absolutely everyone. Remember, the girl will not be happy with a new set of pots that would suit a more mature friend. 21 years is fun, the beginning of a new adult life, study or a new job.

Good gifts will be subscriptions to the gym, fitness or dancing. If she loves cosmetics and literally collects a large number of cosmetic accessories on her bathroom shelf, then buy a coupon for her favorite brand of cosmetics.


You are probably aware of how she likes to spend her time. Perhaps she is a terrible homebody, loves quiet evenings with a cup of coffee and watching TV. Or, on the contrary, active rest is everything for her, and she has more than once parachuted or went on weekly trips.

If she is an activist by nature, give her a ticket for some kind of extreme jump or trip. Share this holiday with her, thereby you prove how much you appreciate her, even if for you such a vacation is not something grandiose.


A friend can also be a very quiet person who adheres to stability, practicality and faith in a bright future. For such a girlfriend, it is necessary to choose a practical gift that will be useful in everyday life. In this case, you can even directly ask what exactly she wants to get, so you will definitely guess with your choice.

And if your best friend is carefree and willful, then the gift should be appropriate. It may be a trinket with a lack of deep meaning, but it will remain in memory for a long time. If she loves shoes and is not indifferent to clothes, you can buy the very shoes that she told you about for so long.

Family status

Some girls by the age of 21 are already married, in this case, the choice of a gift can completely change. Perhaps the parties and trips to the cafe are no longer something special for her. Girls in this position, especially if they have a child, are much more pleasant to relax with their families. And you can organize it, get out into the countryside, rent a house or go to the cottage. Take on the whole family, let it be a surprise for her.

Thus, we have identified points that will help you go in the right direction. Indeed, a lot depends on the age, character and temperament of a girl.

A friend said …

Before choosing a gift for a girlfriend, we advise you to carefully remember all that you talked about a few weeks ago. After all, it was during the conversation that the useful information could slip through. Perhaps she talked about the fact that she had wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, but everything was not decided on this extreme act. Perhaps she has financial difficulties, because a tattoo is an expensive pleasure. Remembering this, you will have a new gift idea – blindfold her and bring her to the tattoo parlor, tell her that she can choose any tattoo, and you, in turn, will pay for it.

Tips On How To Choose the Best 21st Birthday Gift For A Girlfriend

If you couldn’t remember anything, or she never shares what she really wants, then it’s worth connecting the heavier artillery. And it consists of her best friends, who spend much more time with her than you. Perhaps it is with them that she shares her desires and one of these friends will be able to give you an idea. Well, if even your friends can’t advise you something, then you should contact her relatives.

Most likely, you alone will not be able to present something valuable and expensive, in which case it is best to combine efforts with her friends or relatives. Together, you can buy a set of gold jewelry, for 21 years such a gift will be very welcome. Girls in this period gradually move away from silver jewelry and jewelry, corresponding to age, you can buy something more valuable and presentable.

Another good option could be an expensive brand phone. Often such a valuable gift can only be purchased with other people and mutual friends. Just imagine how your friend will be happy with such a gift, especially if she herself planned to buy this particular phone model.

Not easy…

Each year we have to face several difficult times in choosing a gift. But it is always difficult to choose a gift for a loved one, because unlike other people, we really care about what we think and what emotions our gift will cause.

A friend is not an easy person, this is your second sister, ally and mother. She will always be with you in the most joyful and fearless situations, all this must be appreciated and try to express all your love in one gift. But in order to simplify your choice and give an example of original ideas, we recommend that you assign your girlfriend to one of the presented categories.

Girlfriend car enthusiast

Your girlfriend loves speed, beautiful cars and at the same time devotes more time to his “swallow” than to his own boyfriend, then your girlfriend definitely belongs to the category of car enthusiasts. For such people, it does not matter what gift will be given to them, they will be grateful to both an expensive phone and a simple keyring. Well, to make them delight and joy, give a gift to their car.

girl car lover

But what they can be, we advise you to find out from the list below:

  1. Tools – the option is not suitable for everyone, because most women love their cars, but at the same time they have never opened her hood. Good and high-quality tools will suit the girl who likes to “pick” in the car.
  2. Video recorder – you can talk about this gadget for a very long time, highlight its positive aspects even longer. If it is not in the cabin of your girlfriend’s car, then rather run to the store for a gift, but, if there is such a detail, we recommend that you purchase a more modern model.
  3. Radio tape recorder – such a gift will be relevant for the girl who recently purchased a new car. You can not only give a truly necessary gift, but also save it from the additional costs of its purchase.
  4. Travel refrigerator is a bit expensive, but at the same time a very useful and original gift. Remember how many times you went together in the countryside and languished from the heat. This did not happen if there was a small portable refrigerator in the trunk of a friend. Presented, then forward to the store for the long-awaited purchase, which will definitely change the life of your girlfriend for the better.
  5. Plaid is a very good and useful gift for a car interior. After all, they can cover your legs when it is especially cold or use during trips and constantly store in the luggage compartment.

Here is a list of gifts that you can turn your attention to. Of course, only a small part is represented here. In fact, going to a car shop, you can find a lot of interesting and unusual things.

Girlfriend “fashionista”

Your friend goes crazy from brand new shoes, elegant underwear and beautiful clothes, then you are in luck. After all, such girls always know what they want and probably have repeatedly informed everyone around. When choosing a gift, there are two ways that you and I should go.

girl shopping

The first method– you are well aware of exactly what your girlfriend wants. Surely she has repeatedly talked about the desire to buy that same red handbag or that charming necklace. This way is the easiest, because you do not need to think about what kind of gift to choose, just take the money and go to the central store. Yandex.Direct

The second method – it refers to those women who are far from fashion. They do not understand what is stylish and fashionable today on which heel to take shoes, etc. For such grief-friends we have found a great alternative, we suggest you purchase a coupon to your favorite beauty salon. Sales are approaching, which means that your girlfriend will be the first to run to the store, in this case a certificate of purchase will be a good option.

A practical gift – for a frugal girlfriend

If your friend can be attributed to the people practical, purposeful and rational, then choose a gift for her home. Of course, before you do this, see if there is this item in her house, so you can protect yourself from the likelihood of buying a doublet gift.

For girls who love comfort and simplicity, we advise you to take a closer look at such items as a warm fluffy blanket, original down pillows or pillowcases. House uggs are especially popular, they are very warm and at the same time look very cute and laid-back. Giving slippers and ugg boots is best in the cold season, then such a gift will be especially relevant.

Decor items, various paintings and figurines can also become things for comfort. Pay attention to original and inexpensive humidifier fountains. They are a beautiful addition to any interior, and at the same time moisturize the air.

Your friend is practical, then you should take a closer look at the gifts that she will definitely like. We can include here – piggy banks, a vacuum cleaner for the keyboard, an organizer for jewelry. A wide variety of useful little things can be found both in specialized stores and in online stores.

Gift Options

We all want to cook something unforgettable, valuable and really desired. But how to do it is very simple! We offer you to give her a difficult gift, and real emotions that she will receive from something extreme, unusual and inspiring.

Perhaps, we will attribute to extreme emotions – subscriptions to the water park, horseback riding and hiking in the mountains or in remote areas of our region. Such a gift will be a great option for a friend who does not lead a particularly active lifestyle, but once a year do not mind going on a little trip. Well, if your girlfriend is a real extreme girl, we suggest you buy one parachute jump, participate in a paintball game or fly in a balloon. We assure you that such a vacation will undoubtedly leave in her memory a bunch of pleasant memories.

And if you want to give your girlfriend real bliss, then we recommend buying coupons for massage and spa treatments. Such a vacation will be not only memorable, but also very necessary for both mental and physical health. But in this category of gifts, we advise you to watch out for a gift in the form of a subscription to a fitness or gym. They can be regarded as a very nasty hint at your girlfriend’s overweight.

Tickets for a mass cultural event. Remember, for sure, a friend told you about the upcoming concert of a famous artist or another opera. If such a situation has occurred, and you are sure that she will like this artist, then go ahead. But before giving such a present, you should know who she will go with, whether she will be free that day or if she already has plans.

Your friend is fond of something, for example, attends knitting or modeling courses, then we suggest you buy a ticket for a master class. Browse the news on social networks, you probably have a similar program, rest assured that she will definitely like it.

Gift from the bottom of my heart

All the above gift options, of course, are very unusual, unique and very expensive. But they all refer to something material, bought for money. Of course, for most people this will not be any problem, because the main thing is the attention that a person pays to you. But in the last paragraph, we want to consider those gift options that may not stand for anything, but will remain the most vivid memories of a lifetime.

Birthday Cake

21st birthday cakes

The most important gift you could send is a 21st birthday cake! All of our cakes can be personalised with the recipients name and include your special gift message.

DIY gift

If you are planning to create a gift with your own hands, we advise you to listen to the advice of experienced people. And it is best to find them on a well-known video hosting service, where a large archive of video selections is presented. Specifically, in the video below, you can see a dozen simple and unusual gifts for a friend made by themselves. Original ideas, it is a pleasure to fulfill them.

Other options for gifts made by yourself, you can also find on the Internet. Remember that the main thing in this business is the love that you put in your gift.

Video greetings

This gift option has become increasingly popular lately. Anyone who knows a little about video editors can create it. Congratulations can be in the form of postcards, where photos change slide by slide, and everything is accompanied by cheerful and festive music.

If this type of congratulation seems trite to you, then you need to seek the help of your friends and relatives. After all, it is with them that you will be able to record high-quality congratulations, arrange skits or a whole mini-film, the main character of which will be your girlfriend.

Surprise party

A friend was not going to celebrate her birthday, there could be many reasons for this – apathy over the outgoing years, financial problems or ordinary reluctance. In this situation, you need to fix everything, make this day festive and unusual.

surprise 21st birthday


Alternatively, you can have a party at home, and for help contact the household or family of the girl. Or arrange it in a cafe, but at the same time figure out how to bring a friend so that she does not suspect anything. Try to have the most valuable and important people gather at her birthday party. Then your friend will be sincerely grateful to you for arranging such an unusual and memorable holiday for her.

And remember that 21 years is a wonderful time, full of opportunities and dreams. In order to prepare a gift for your girlfriend, you do not need a lot of money, effort and waste of nerves. Help her to feel this very youth, make her remain satisfied!
Craig Sandeman

Craig Sandeman is South Africa’s go-to guru for all things gift-giving, blending psychology and cultural insights to curate perfect presents. A Cape Town native with a global perspective, he’s renowned for his blog, workshops, and media features that delve into the art and science of thoughtful gifting. If you’re ever stumped on finding the ideal gift, Craig’s expert advice is your ticket to gifting success.

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