Unique Personalised Scented Candles – The Perfect Gift Idea!

Developed in collaboration with the greatest perfume specialists, our scented candles offer you a real journey through the senses. From the quintessence of materials, to the elegance of combinations, discover our entire collection of scented candles which make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts!

To create a Zen atmosphere in your interior, nothing better than a light fragrance. Hamperlicious offers you scented decorative candles with varied scents and at bargain prices. You will find a whole range of wonderfully flavored candles on the pages of our online gift storeNatural candles, box of candles or large scented candles, you will be spoiled for choice.

Which scented candle to choose?

Before choosing your scented candle, determine above all if you are looking for a rather relaxing, comforting or romantic atmosphere. For a relaxing atmosphere, opt for candles scented with lavender, citrus or scents of greenery. For a comforting or cozy atmosphere, favor floral or amber scents. In order to give a romantic touch to your interior, choose candles scented with fruit and very sweet. Finally, for your safety, do not forget to blow out your candle before going to bed.

What wax to use for a scented candle?

Waxes of vegetable, animal or mineral origin can all be used to make a scented candle. For wax of vegetable origin, soy wax is the most used since it can be used alone, without butter or vegetable oil. Beeswax is the animal wax for candles par excellence. In addition to being ecological, it gives off a pleasant and sweet fragrance when it burns. In addition, its combustion is slow. Finally, paraffin is the most popular mineral wax. However, since it is neither healthy nor natural, it is best not to use it.

How To Make Scented Candles
If you want to know how to make scented candles, it is important to understand how it works. Most of the time, scented candles are in containers, glasses, pots, etc … Indeed, the wax used for the creation of scented candles is different than the wax for molded candles. The principle of scented candles is to diffuse a fragrance. When the wax is hot and liquid around the wick, the perfume diffuses. It is for this reason that it is important to choose a suitable wax for this type of candle, if possible sufficiently oily so that it becomes liquid at low temperature.

candle wax


At first, it is important to have a wax with good adhesion to glass. The more fatty the wax, the better it will adhere to the container.

Mineral waxes (paraffin wax)

A mixture of fatty paraffin wax with conventional paraffin wax (50/50) allows to obtain an optimal rendering. 

The +: Paraffin wax supports coloring and the addition of perfume.
The -: The burning time is reduced compared to vegetable waxes. Despite the good quality of our paraffin, it is a petroleum wax. 

Vegetable waxes (soy, rapeseed and palm wax)

Vegetable waxes for scented candles work well with our fragrances, but this often requires mixtures with additives to allow optimal combustion and diffusion.

The +:  It is a product of vegetable origin. The burning time is much longer than paraffin wax .
The -:  The soybean tolerates the addition of coloring quite poorly , it is often necessary to compose a mixture ( soy wax  or rapeseed wax + 5% beeswax + 5% stearin ) to obtain an optimal rendering / combustion.

Animal waxes (beeswax)

Beeswax is known for creating molded candles, but it also allows the diffusion of certain perfumes.

The +:  It is a natural wax, simple implementation
The -:  The bees are becoming rare and the beeswax guaranteed 100% of animal origin too! Which implies a significant price per kg.


You can use perfumes or essential oils.

Essential oils

Beware of essential oils : they are certainly natural or organic, but they are not ideal for diffusing perfume in candles.  Certain essential oils release CMR (Carcinogens, Mutagens and Reprotoxics) .

Scented oils (perfumes)

Scented oils may be purchased here. These fragrances are specially adapted for the diffusion of the perfume in candles.

What dosage?

Depending on the concentration of the perfume or essential oil, you will need to dose your fragrance between 5 to 10% per kg of wax.
For example: a jasmine candle fragrance will be much more powerful than a rice powder fragrance. It depends on the intensity you want.


The choice of the wick is very important in the creation of candle, too powerful the flame will be large and this will cause smoke … Conversely if the wick is too weak your candle will have poor combustion, causing a small flame which will not be powerful enough to make the wax liquid and diffuse the perfume.

We advise you to use coated wicks mounted on a support  or wooden wicks mounted on a support

The +:  They are coated with a natural wax or mineral wax, the support facilitates installation on the bottom of the glass, it is a time saver on volume
Le -:  none

Of course you are free to take uncoated strands of flat types.
The choice of a wick remains complex, depending on the type of candles, depending on the type of wax etc … 


Glass, terracotta, aluminum box: the choice is huge ! The important thing is to provide a container, preferably of medium size, because you quickly get tired of a fragrance.
The average is to offer a candle from 120 grams to 180 grams with a burning time of 25 to 40 hours. An original design or packaging will grab the attention of your customers or your loved ones.

Do not forget to add a safety label to inform your consumers (mandatory for professionals).

In Summary

Scented Candles in RapeseedIf you want to start making a candle in a scented container, you will have to choose the type of wax and the correct wick.
It is possible to scent a molded candle but it will not have the same olfactory rendering as a scented candle in a container.
Arm yourself with patience: a scented candle is like cooking. A dish = a recipe. In our world of candle creation this rule also applies. The dosage of the perfume will be different depending on the perfume, the type of wax, the wick and the container.

Example: You have just made a superb scented candle in a glass. You decide to use the same composition and wick to make a travel candle in an aluminum box. You light your travel candle and nothing works like the glass candle. The reason is that the glass rises faster in temperature than an aluminum box … You will have to change the wick and change your wax mixture.

Knowing how to make scented candles is technical, but exciting!