Unique Personalised Scented Candles – The Perfect Gift Idea!

Developed in collaboration with the greatest perfume specialists, our scented candles offer you a real journey through the senses. From the quintessence of materials, to the elegance of combinations, discover our entire collection of scented candles …

To create a Zen atmosphere in your interior, nothing better than a light fragrance. Hamperlicious offers you scented decorative candles with varied scents and at bargain prices. You will find a whole range of wonderfully flavored candles on the pages of our online gift storeNatural candles, box of candles or large scented candles, you will be spoiled for choice.

Which scented candle to choose?

Before choosing your scented candle, determine above all if you are looking for a rather relaxing, comforting or romantic atmosphere. For a relaxing atmosphere, opt for candles scented with lavender, citrus or scents of greenery. For a comforting or cozy atmosphere, favor floral or amber scents. In order to give a romantic touch to your interior, choose candles scented with fruit and very sweet. Finally, for your safety, do not forget to blow out your candle before going to bed.

How to make a scented candle with essential oils?

Heat 400 g of wax shavings in the microwave for 3 minutes and mix them every 30 seconds with a wooden spoon. Then gradually add a small amount of essential oil. For a more homogeneous and more esthetic result, you can also add butter, vegetable oil or a coloring in the composition. Take a cotton wick and dip it in melted wax before shaping it in aluminum foil so that it is straight, then put it in the freezer. Then, wrap the end of the wick on a pencil that you will place on the opening of an empty jar of 50 cl. It is important that the wick is well centered in the jar before pouring the liquid wax inside and placing everything in the freezer.

What wax to use for a scented candle?

Waxes of vegetable, animal or mineral origin can all be used to make a scented candle. For wax of vegetable origin, soy wax is the most used since it can be used alone, without butter or vegetable oil. Beeswax is the animal wax for candles par excellence. In addition to being ecological, it gives off a pleasant and sweet fragrance when it burns. In addition, its combustion is slow. Finally, paraffin is the most popular mineral wax. However, since it is neither healthy nor natural, it is best not to use it.

Personalization of fragrant candles

For the personalization of candles, choose: the size and finish of the glass, the perfume, your design and its color to print.

No minimum order.

Individuals or professionals , we make all your personalized scented candles.

Personalize candles for your events: tailor-made candles for weddings, births, birthdays, seminars, end-of-year gifts, corporate gifts, etc.

We use quality raw materials , our wax and our cotton wicks offer perfect combustion. Our scent card is created in collaboration with renowned perfumers and the fragrances are tested one by one to ensure perfect diffusion, hot and cold.

For printing on glass, we use screen printing (indelible ink marking on the object) to guarantee an intense color that lasts over time.

How To Make Scented Candles