Orchid Flower Delivery South Africa

Sending an orchid with Hamperlicious is the assurance of a gift that will be sure to please! Choose your orchid directly from our collection for delivery within 24 hours.

Our florists have selected the best varieties of orchids for you. We are happy to present on our site a wide range of Dendrobium orchid, Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Cymbidium … whose refinement will surely make the recipients delighted. Take advantage of our expertise in selling orchids online to send an orchid and please your loved ones. Our privileged relationship with orchid producers allows us to guarantee you the best quality, at the best price! Orchid delivery is carried out same day if ordered before 12pm (Mon – Fri).

Do you like delicate and refined flowers? Have our florists in South Africa deliver one of the most graceful flowers in the world: the orchid.

Discovering the meanings of orchids

The orchid, which took its name from the pink-mauve color, is however available in a multitude of colors. Find the one that is right for you depending on the meaning you want to give to your orchid home delivery.

White orchid

The white orchid is associated with purity, sincerity, like many white flowers such as roses, and lilies. It is therefore the ideal flower, especially for a wedding gift.

Pink orchid

The pink orchid is one of the best-selling colors with the white orchid. Expressing joy, femininity and motherhood, the pink orchid is perfect to please a friend or a young mother.

Yellow orchid

Like a number of flowers of this shade, the yellow orchid symbolizes friendship and joy. It is therefore perfect to offer to relatives, friends, but also to congratulate young parents.

Red orchid

The red orchid plays the ranges of passion, desire and love. It is therefore an alternative to the rose, especially Valentine’s Day.

Other orchid colors

There are less common orchid colors like the orange orchid which represents enthusiasm, courage and offers itself to send wishes filled with dynamism and encouragement. The green orchid evokes health and luck, so it is offered to wish a speedy recovery. Symbol of royalty, the purple orchid is ideal to signify respect and admiration.

How to maintain an orchid?

To keep your orchid for a long time, it is necessary to take certain precautions. It is first necessary to ensure, after flowering, to cut the stem whose flowers are wilted above the 2nd eye (20 to 25 cm from the foot).

Other important aspects:

  • The exposure: light without direct sun, sheltered from cold drafts
  • Temperature: between 18 and 21 ° C
  • Watering: bathe the orchid once a week in barely warm water then drain well before putting it back in its pot (from March to September, add once a month a dose of liquid fertilizer )
  • Repotting: every 2 or 3 years with a special orchid mixture, it is essential to help the development of the plant

Your orchid delivered same day

Treat all occasions by offering a white orchid or another color. Our local florists will deliver it to the address of your choice on the same day,  if ordered before 12pm.