Whenever it comes to the ideal Mother’s Day present, it does not only mean “Happy Mother’s Day,” but also a sincere “thank you” for the most unconditional love you’ll ever know. Your Mom has held your heart as well as your hand from the first day she took it. You drove her nuts, as she drove you to school, as she dried your nose and tears, and perhaps most notably, she loved you first and forever.

Mother’s Day in South Africa is on the 9th of May this year, and Hamperlicious has the perfect Mother’s Day presents for mother dearest! Let’s face it: some of our moms are difficult to please, particularly when they’re expecting something. That’s why we’ve chosen to supply you with the most recent Mother’s Day gift ideas, guaranteeing that she’ll be happily shocked and absolutely delighted!

Plants & Flowers

Discover our beautiful appeal of Mother’s Day flowers to find a bunch of flowers or vase which will flood her house with the love she deserves!

The floral fairies at Hamperlicious guarantee that you will have the right Mother’s Day flowers to warm the heart of the lady who has owned your heart for as long as you’ve known her when it comes to choosing the best Mother’s Day presents online.

We have various varieties of flowers for various styles of mothers, whether you’re sending beautiful mixed roses that pledge adventure wrapped in beauty or a lavish collection of tulips that express pure love and are symbolic of a mother’s affection.

Allow the flower fairies to inspire you with a magical assortment of flowers for Mother’s Day; from gorgeous rose vases with a personal touch to beautiful peach roses with a wonderful charm, you will make Mother’s Day 2021 a truly unforgettable occasion; for a truly precious Mother!

Allow it a Mother’s Day to remember and all the precious memories you’ll never forget. We have several Mother’s Day plants that will perk up her day if you’re looking for a present for the green-fingered Mom. Give Mom a pretty package of herbs to teach her the greener side of nature, or treat her to a Mother’s Day rose bush packed with a lovely range of nature’s abundant beauty.

We believe that the unconditional affection between a mother and her child has an endearing tenderness, so a gift chosen from the depths of nature would undoubtedly bring a smile to her face.

Personalised Best Mom Ever Scented Candle

Bath and Body

As you get older, you realise that your mother is the most loving best friend you’ll ever have. Our bath & body items blend all of her favourite items with what she wants to feel like a complete woman. There’s nothing more awesome than a Mother’s Day gift that will make her happy, from the unique scent of our luscious scented candles that will beautify her bathroom and tickle her soul to our stunning collection of Vintage Rose hampers.

Our beautiful range of Charlotte Rhys body care products will build a sophisticated and elegant bath, body, and lifestyle experience for a mom who appreciates the simple pleasures in life. Our Charlotte Rhys soap hamper will nourish her skin with a relaxing body care experience soaked in comfort, so hug her back immediately with a marvellous touch of our Charlotte Rhys soap hamper.

With our body exfoliating collection of bath-time necessities, delight the mom who turned bath-time a pleasurable activity. From the gentle embrace of our incredible personalised gowns to the pleasant touch of our succulent collection of Charlotte Rhys gift hampers, our incredible personalised gowns will soften her skin and make her feel as wonderful as the life she brought you!

Experience Gifts

From seeing the stunning African skyline to taking a tour of the Mother City and discovering the uncharted wonders that make up our rainbow country, inspire her sense of adventure and provide her with an unforgettable experience! Give your mother a memorable Mother’s Day, and at Hamperlicious, we have by far the most satisfying Mother’s Day experiences for just about any mom.

Take her skydiving and let our airborne experts reward her with a fun-filled one-of-a-kind experience if she has an unfulfilled passion for memorable outdoor activities. Our outdoor Mother’s Day activities ensure an atmosphere of unsurpassed fun and assured wellbeing, from bus tours across the Mother City to soul-enriching yoga lessons!

However, not all of our mothers like outdoor activities. In reality, if your mother likes to sit back and relax (or, in other words, if she wishes to be left alone with the remote), we have a special Mother’s Day experience just for her!

Hamperlicious provides a wide range of indoor Mother’s Day activities that reflect a mother’s warm embrace. Hold her hand and escort her to a place where she can relax completely; give her a City Escape Spa package to help her unwind. A mother who carries the weight of the whole world on her back is entitled to the best the planet has to bring.

We have a wide range of spa days and lovely flowerscape journeys to pick from, so the next time Mom worries that she never has time to rest, you’ll be spoiled for choice in the various ways you can convince her she’s wrong!

Tempting Chocolate Brownies

Bakery Delights

Delight the lady who has filled your stomach with savoury sweets with a present that will massage her palate as well.

At Hamperlicious, we understand that no baked treat or cake can compare to those made with a mother’s love. Our Mother’s Day bakery treats are motivated by the inspirational sweetness of a mother’s affection.

Indulge her with a warm and sensual collection of Mother’s Day cookies, which you can personalise with her name or a special message. Hamperlicious has an impressive collection of Mother’s Day special treats created only for Mom for Mother’s Day 2021!

Look at our amazing collection of Mother’s Day cupcakes, which are topped with dense and flavorful cream toppings and sugar-laden sprinkles for a nice treat.

Allow Hamperlicious to be your one-stop online bakery shop for sweetening your Mother’s Day, from our wonderful range of cookie tins to our wonderful selection of cookie jars.

Best Mother Camper Personalised Mug

Personalised Gifts

If you’re searching for the best Mother’s Day gifts online, search no further than our incredible selection of personalised Mother’s Day gifts.

A unique mother deserves a unique Mother’s Day present. Is your mom the most important person in your life? If you want to treat her like the unique person she is?

Personalized clothes, photo frames, and chocolate and wine gifts are only a couple of the personalised gifts we deliver. You can order Mother’s Day gifts online tonight with Hamperlicious and personalise them with her name.

Personalise your Mother’s Day flowers and plants with a personalised picture vase or a customised name tag while you’re shopping for Mother’s Day flowers and plants. Load her garden with a Mother’s Day gift that is as special as she is. A present that makes a unique Mother feel as unique as her kids see her says, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

The personalised gifting options for Mother’s Day 2021 are infinite, from beautiful home décor presents that will endow the house with an unparalleled charm to lovely homeware items to brighten her kitchen.

From Hamperlicious same day gift delivery service, delight your Mom with an amazing Mother’s Day gift. Don’t panic if you’re buying on a budget; we have a huge variety of Mother’s Day presents under R399, and R499! This Mother’s Day, shop with Hamperlicious since, as a mother’s admirer, Hamperlicious understands that all love in the world starts and ends with an amazing mother!