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Benefits of Cannabis Oil / CBD oil

Are you interested in cannabis oil? And would you like to learn more about how to get it? In this article, you will find out if it is something for you and what the disadvantages are when consuming cannabis oil.

Benefits of cannabis oil / CBD oil

The interest in using cannabis oil comes from the benefits that the oil brings. Here we have listed some of the benefits of consuming cannabis oil.

1. The Healthy Way to Take Cannabis

Cannabis oil containing exclusively CBD has a wide range of health benefits over cannabis with THC content. THC has psychoactive, or euphoric, properties that cause several side effects – both in the short and long term. It does not have pure CBD oil.

There are a few minor side effects that you can read more about later in this article.

If you want to use some of the good qualities of cannabis, then you do not have to step on the wrong side of the law or illegally smoke hash for that reason. Cannabis oil is produced under good conditions, which is why it is certainly the healthiest (and only legal) way to consume cannabis.

2. Can be used to relieve discomfort from several diseases

Many cancer sufferers say they cured their cancer disease by consuming cannabis oil. Although it is not scientifically proven that cannabis oil is the direct cause of these individuals being cured, there are several indications that cannabis oil may be beneficial in treatment anyway. In several countries, including South Africa, cannabis has been legalized in several states after more and more people came forward to tell us how cannabis oil had a positive effect on their health.

At home, cannabis oil is seen as a dietary supplement that cancer sufferers can use in combination with their other medicines. However, it is not only cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who can use cannabis oil as an aid.

The oil has a calming effect on the body and can therefore also be recommended for people suffering from stress or anxiety. Cannabis oil can be used, among other things, to cure headaches and migraines, if ordinary medicine does not have the desired effect.

Several people suffering from sclerosis and arthritis have also made good comments about cannabis oil.

They prefer to use the oil because the usual medicine does not always soothe the pain they experience daily. In addition, cannabis oil can also reduce ailments, pain and spasms.

3. Good for the heart

The content of cannabis oil is said to reduce the likelihood of heart problems and balance the body’s system by causing the blood vessels to relax and expand. This reduces your blood circulation and at the same time improves your blood pressure. Cannabis oil can therefore help improve your cardiovascular system and prevent cardiovascular disease.

The oil also stimulates the way antioxidants pass through the body and can also help reduce your cholesterol levels. Although not much research has been done in this area, several heart patients have told stories of how they have improved their situation by using cannabis oil.

Disadvantages of cannabis oil / CBD oil

We have now listed some of the benefits of using cannabis oil. However, as with everything, there are drawbacks as well, and we would therefore like to give you a full impression of what cannabis oil is by showing you the disadvantages of using cannabis oil.

1. Side effects

When you first start consuming cannabis oil, you may experience simple side effects the first few days you consume it. The most common are fainting / headache and loose stomach. But it typically disappears within a week.

Loose stomach

You may risk getting a loose stomach at first. This is because cannabis oil contains the substance chlorophyll which also acts as a form of intestinal cleaning.

Fainting / headaches

Since your body is not used to the content of cannabis oil, you may initially feel that you are getting a little more dizzy and / or getting a lighter headache. However, this should subside after a few days.

2. Can reduce concentration and / or memory

Cannabis oil may initially have a negative effect on your ability to concentrate and remember things because you are in a waking period. Therefore, it may be a good idea to start with the intake of cannabis oil during a period when you do not have to put in so much mental effort.

Therefore, it is also very important that you buy a cannabis oil that is clean and tested, so that you avoid temporarily impairing your concentration and / or memory.


We have now provided you with an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of consuming cannabis oil. As we can conclude, the benefits are that it can have a positive effect on your health and be beneficial against several symptoms. The disadvantages are that you can experience side effects during the opening period. However, this decreases over time.

We hope you are satisfied with this insight into what cannabis oil can do for you. If you want to learn more about the subject, click here.