Tonglite Illuminated Braai Tongs

A gorgeous braai is made possible by the Tonglite Braai Tongs, which are intended to provide you with the clarity you need. The grip of these tongs is illuminated, allowing you to turn meat properly and swiftly while maintaining control. This product, created by designer Linda Flybakke, is fashioned from materials that not only look beautiful, but also feel pleasant to the touch. Grilling using stainless steel tongs is an excellent way to handle a variety of items of varying sizes: they’re excellent for picking up pieces of steak that are as thin as paper or scooping up crispy corn cobs with ease. As a braaing accessory that is also excellent at emitting light similar to sunshine (but without the heat! ), all types of meals come out beautifully – even late at night when it is pitch black outside.


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