Stainless Steel Hip Flask Gift Set (265ml)

Everyone understands that this is the drinking flask of a true gentleman. This gift set, which is made of stainless steel and has contrast stitching, is guaranteed to attract some notice. With four shot glasses and a funnel included, you can share your swagger with your pals while drinking from the hip flask (which contains 265ml) at the same time! A dry “life coach” jargon aimed to get people inspired to start taking care of themselves like they’re living in arises whenever the situation calls for it (for example, when they’re sick). You may choose between the films Blade Runner and The Hunger Games…or both! There’s a lot of “hot,” but there’s also a lot of comedy and empathy thrown in there as well. A water-resistant outer shell lining provides great protection from spills, bumps, shocks, dirt, dust and sand when participating in outdoor activities. The lining is made of abrasion-resistant material.


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