Personalized Mini Liquorice Jars



Gift a liquorice-lover these delightful personalised mini liquorice jars. Choose between a set of 2, 3 or 5 jars of sweetness. The set of 2 consists of two 250ml jars filled with Liquorice Allsorts. Each lid is topped with a decorative sticker with colourful Allsorts, one with the word, ‘Awesome’ and the other with their name on it. The set of 3 adds another liquorice jar to this pair, with a sticker that reads, ‘is’ to complete the sentence. The set of 5 adds two more liquorice jars to the mix, with one sticker reading ‘allsorts’, and the other saying, ‘of’. Surprise them with tons of sugar and lots of love. Order now! Get this Personalised Mini Liquorice Jars delivered with NetFlorist.


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