Personalised Believe Quote Tea Tin


With this personalized believe phrase tea container, you may provide a cup of encouragement to someone you care about. They will be so thankful that they may even consider sharing! Toni Glass earl grey silken teabags are included in this gift. It states, “Believe in yourself, you are stronger than you think” on the tin. Make the tin more unique by personalizing it with the recipient’s name. This present may be upgraded to include a box of Angeli Hearts butter cookies (180g) or both Angeli Hearts butter biscuits (180g) as well as Lindt lindor milk chocolates (180g) (125g). Invest in a person’s self-confidence by giving them this gift now. With Hamperlicious, you can have this Believe Quote Tea Tin delivered right to your door. Personalise this Believe Quote Tea Tin with Hamperlicious and get it delivered.

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