Personalised Bakery Birthday Truffle Treat


With this personalized bakery birthday truffle treat from The Bakery, you can give them a delicious surprise on their big day. For your loved ones, treat them these six truffles made of chocolate brownie fudge that are dipped and adorned in Belgian dark chocolate. As an added bonus, you can tailor your gift by adding your loved one’s name and message to the exquisite geometric pattern graphic design that states “Happy Birthday” and may be customised with your own message! Wheat, dairy, egg, gluten, nuts, and sugar are all common allergens. There are nuts and seeds at the facility where this product is manufactured, so please be aware of that. We only use Halaal ingredients in all of our goods. Get your order in as soon as possible! The Hamperlicious delivery service will send you your personalised Bakery Birthday Truffle Treat.



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