Organic Health Solutions Silica Oil

Organic Health Solutions Silica Oil is a truly revolutionary product. We were attracted to the product because of the unique blend of silica and vitamins that silica provides. Without specifically answering questions about how the organic silica is made, the marketing materials focuses on what it does. This shows confidence in the ingredients in the formula and highlights benefits by listing out what it can do for you.



Organic Health Solutions Silica Oil is an award-winning skin, hair and nail oil formulated with silica, vitamins, minerals and omegas. The oil is cold-pressed from sustainably grown, organic sunflowers ensuring the integrity of the nutrients in this luxurious treatment. It’s spiked with silica for firm and elastic skin, and contains a high concentration of vitamin C for additional collagen support. Along with your diet and exercise regimes, Organic Health Solutions Silica Oil will help to keep your skin looking young.”


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