Olmeca Altos Resposado Giftbox


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This Olmeca Altos Reposado and Lindt package is for all you tequila connoisseurs out there. In addition to being well-liked, this batch of honey golden tequila stands apart from the crowd. By the shot or cocktail measure, it is brimming with hints of smoky sweetness, making it a flexible drink. Make it more sweeter by pairing a cornet of 100-gram Lindt milk chocolate with an Olmeca bottle (750ml). Have I heard “shots on me!!” somewhere? A 340cm x 120cm x 100cm box is used to showcase the contents of this pair. Not included: a pair of eyeglasses. Order from Hamperlicious right now! Olmeca Altos Resposado Giftboxes may be sent through the Hamperlicious company.


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