Olmeca Altos Blanco Giftbox


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Olmeca Altos Blanco and Lindt have teamed together to create the perfect gift package for any tequila enthusiast. The altos reposado’s honey golden sister, this batch of crystal-clear tequila, is just as popular. With hints of fresh ginger and pepper, this drink may be enjoyed as a shot or cocktail, making it a flexible and elegant choice for a night out. Get the celebration began with a cornet of Lindt milk chocolate (100g) and a bottle of silver tequila (750ml)! A 340cm x 120cm x 100cm box is used to showcase the contents of this pair. Glasses are not included in the purchase price. Order from Hamperlicious right now! Hamperlicious will deliver this Olmeca Altos Blanco Giftbox for you.


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