Natural Living Pure Marine Collagen

Our marine collagen is up to 95% pure protein and contains no binders or fillers that flood your body with extra carbs. It’s one of nature’s best sources of dietary collagen and has received rave reviews as a supplement that promotes a more peaceful night’s sleep, restore your gut lining, boost your metabolism, relieve joint pain, reduce wrinkles and even boost the skin hydration.



The Pure Marine Collagen formula is extracted from fish scales. It contains over 90% protein, with no fillers and no added chemicals. It offers the full array of collagen peptides and is absorbs up to 1.5 times better than other collagen supplements in the body. This powerful natural joint and cartilage support supplement is back by science to improve the quality of your life. Now there’s a natural solution for a variety of health problems, including improved gut lining, more peaceful sleep, healthier skin, restoration of body tissues, powerful natural joint and cartilage support, and weight management.


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