Natural Living Collagen Breakfast Smoothie Mix

Natural Living Collagen Smoothie Mix is a delicious addition to your morning smoothie. It’s made with the goodness of pasture-raised chicken, organic apple, oats and chia seeds all infused into the purest collagen found in nature. Collagen is a Type I & Type III protein which forms up to 90% of our skin tissue and helps keep us looking youthful. With 1Tbsp of Natural Living Collagen Smoothie Mix, you will receive 2g of protein in a deliciously fruity flavour.



Natural Living Collagen Breakfast Smoothie Mix is a delicious and nutritious way to start you day. Our smoothie mix contains pure hydrolysed collagen powder which is more readily absorbed than gelatin, helping support the skin and joints. This smoothie will help keep you feeling energetic all day long. To make a smoothie simply add 240ml of fresh/frozen fruit of your choice with some milk and blend in a blender. This is also great for adding to other non-dairy drinks such as coconut or soy milks.”


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