Lifematrix Purple Protein Collagen Powder

Lifematrix’s Purple Protein Collagen Powder is an all natural source of over 20 different amino acids in a convenient form which can easily be added to water, milk, or fruit juice. Purple Protein Collagen Powder can help promote skin elasticity, and regeneration of the skin, joints, ligaments, hair, and nails. Generations past have enjoyed bone broths, in today’s busy world a convenient, protein-packed collagen powder is just the thing!



The LifeMatrix Purple Protein Collagen Powder is a unique protein powder that contains high concentration of hydrolyzed collagen which aim to help with your beauty needs such as skin and hair care. Orally taking this product may help to improve the elasticity, and regeneration of the skin. It also can potentially reduce age signs, and improve the natural lustre of hair.


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